No Embiid, no problem for 76ers

Ben Simmons played well in the half court and lead the Sixers to a 2-1 series lead over the Brooklyn Nets. Meanwhile, has anyone seen Jared Dudley?

How the Hawks can find themselves in the playoffs sooner than later

With the surprise of the Hawks play this season, the next step is getting into the playoffs. This is how they can do it.

The Cavaliers plan with JR Smith

After taking a leave of absence from the Cavaliers for the majority of the last season, the front office might finally have a trade in place for veteran guard JR Smith.

Episode 44 – Goosfraba

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76ers back on track entering Game 3

The Sixers returned to playing their style of basketball in game 2 of the series. An aggressive approach from Ben Simmons is the formula for a long run.

Following win over Toronto, Magic continue their win-streak

Following their win against the Toronto Raptors, the Magic have won their first playoff game in awhile, while also winning five games. Orlando Magic.

“Tomorrow starts today” slogan has set the Hawks up for the near future

The Hawks have stuck with their motto all season, and this season has helped them build for the near future.

Ready or Not, it’s showtime for the Sixers

The Sixers weren't successful developing chemistry in the regular season due to injuries. Now the Sixers must hope talent gets them past the Brooklyn Nets.

Cleveland and Larry Drew agree to part ways

The Cleveland Cavaliers 2018-2019 record doesn't reflect the job Larry Drew and his coaching staff did in keeping the team together. They should return next season.

Three key contributors of the Hawks 2019 season

The Hawks season is over, and it was a solid one for a rebuilding group. With not many expectations heading into the year, there was some uncertainty on how this team will play together. As the season progressed, there were players that saw an increase in their role due to the impact they had in the game. That helped the...