Joel Embiid to the rescue

The Philadelphia 76ers got Joel Embiid back into the lineup at the right time, now they need to stay healthy and work on their chemistry.

76ers biggest problem is Joel Embiid’s absence, not Brett Brown

The Sixers are built around Joel Embiid, and all the Sixers can do is wait for his return. His absence hasn't allowed team chemistry to develop.

All around team effort lifts Sixers over Magic

JJ Redick broke out of his slump, Jimmy Butler hit some big shots late in the game and Amir Johnson played well despite his lack of playing time.

The Celtics suck: It’s time for Brad Stevens to remind us of his brilliance

The Celtics are a terrible dysfunctional mess, its time for Brad Stevens to show a new wrinkle in his coaching and coach through egos and hurt feelings.

NBA Last Two Week Report (Feb 21-Mar 3)

In the last two weeks of NBA basketball, we have seen Trae Young play some incredible basketball, the Boston Celtics lose their mojo, and so much more.

76ers finally beat the Thunder

The last time the Sixers defeated the Thunder, their general manager Elton Brand was in the starting lineup. Yes you read that right.

The 76ers are lost without Joel Embiid

The Sixers have won two out of three games since the all-star break without Joel Embiid, but their performances have left much to be desired.

76ers survive Heat without Joel Embiid

Boban Marjanovic stepped up big time with 19 points and 12 rebounds as the starting center, while the bench struggled to make an impact in the win.

The time is now for the 76ers

The 76ers new starting lineup has been getting a lot of attention around the league, but they can't get caught up in the hype.

NBA Last Two Week Report (February 4-February 14)

In the last two weeks of NBA basketball, we have seen Paul George dominate, the Lakers play some of their worst basketball of the season, and so much more.