Everyone knows by now about the ongoing debate across the NBA about the future of the Sixers with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid leading the way.

Rumors and speculation have come about over the years about if the two like each other and if their games can coexist on a championship caliber team.

Despite neither player ever saying nor doing anything to indicate they may not like the other, the idea of splitting them up continues to gain popularity among Sixers fans.

From what we saw during long stretches of the game against the Nets, how about we table those talks for a while.

It’s not perfect but it works

Simmons and Embiid aren’t the perfect fit together.

Ideally, the Sixers would surround Embiid with four shooters who can space the floor and vacate the paint.

On the other hand, if building around Simmons it would be best to avoid having a center who’s at his best doing damage in the paint.

It causes issues at times with Simmons, who loves to run into the paint and either go the rim or pass out to the perimeter.

But despite those facts, the past two years have shown a lot or good than bad.

They’ve done a lot of good together

The first two full seasons of Embiid and Simmons playing together have been fruitful.

Consecutive 50-win seasons and winning a playoff series each year aren’t accomplishments to sneeze at.

They gave the eventual champion Toronto Raptors the best run they faced the entire playoffs despite Embiid struggling mightily dealing with Marc Gasol.

Also, both have been selected to the all-star game in the past two seasons.

Hopefully, they’ll once again reach 50 wins and make a longer run in the playoffs.

Let’s focus on that for now.

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