Sunday, May 10, 2020

Al ‘Al-G’ Graham

Hype man. Long-time Atlanta Falcons fan from way back in the Billy “White Shoes” Johnson days! The embodiment of the term “Keeping it real”, Al G brings hard-hitting perspectives and passionate takes of the good, bad and ugly of Falcons football! Skillset: Keeping it real and sexy!

Greg ‘Hoop’ Hooper

Injury report aficionado. Life-long Falcons supporter. Coach of his son’s little league team, and sometimes even while he’s recording the show! Skillset: Player analysis and voice of wisdom.

Quincy Banks

Funny man. Life-long Atlanta Falcons fan. He always remembers when the games were blacked out. He can be very opinionated when it comes to this team, but rest assured he soars high with the birds. Skillset: Rhetorical wit and master of impersonations.

Carnese ‘Roc’ Jackson

An Atlanta Falcons fan since the days of Bobby “the snake” Petrino and the Great Mike Smith! His beginning days as a casual Falcons supporter have evolved him into a diehard fan and creator of an exciting Falcons podcast! Skillset: Host and producer.

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