The Deep Route Fantasy Notebook: Week Ten

In this week's installment, running backs are criticized, the coaching hot seat gets fired up, unnecessary weekly awards are given out and more!

The Deep Route Fantasy Notebook: Week Eight

In this week's installment, the hot seat is fired up, the trade frenzy is analyzed, a team is rebuilt, unnecessary awards are given and more!

2017 NFL trade deadline fantasy implications

Which fantasy players were helped by the moves made during the 2017 NFL trade deadline and which were not? Find out here.

The Deep Route Fantasy Notebook: Week Seven

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Fantasy implications of the 2017 World Series

As much as it pains me to say it, the baseball season is officially winding down. November will bring free agency, baseball’s MVP award...

Week 2 NFL Daily Fantasy Advice

Week one is in the books, and week two is ready to take over. We in Armchair All-Americans Fantasy hope you cashed out nicely, and...

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CFL Daily Fantasy Football Preview: DraftKings Week 11

Last week was a bit rougher for us, but we had one successful line up that featured three dominant receivers in Diontae Spencer, Duke...

CFL Daily Fantasy Football Preview: DraftKings Week 10

We had another incredible week,where we cashed out in every tournament, 50/50, and double-up we entered. A few of the players we highlighted here...

Fantasy Baseball “Preview” at the 3/4 mark

TYPE This is the article you’ve all been waiting for: your fantasy baseball “preview” 75% through the season. Very useful, I know. You’re welcome. While...