Monday, May 11, 2020

Brendon Anthony

A 15-year veteran of the French Foreign Legion, Brendon later served three years as a man-servant/submissive for wealthy Cambodian fetishists. Throughout that time, he maintained a popular college football blog before returning to the states to help found the Mizzodcast.

Collin Anthony

One of the nation’s preeminent conspiracy theorists, Collin was the first person to uncover the United States government underground program dedicated to replacing the blood of every American citizen with Pennzoil. After many years fighting to keep fossil fuels out of our bloodstream, Collin later turned his attention college football. He broke thumbs for some of the nation’s best bookies before cofounding the Mizzodcast.

Caleb Bungart

Caleb is an expert in furniture, cookware, sexual predator laws, and chewing tobacco. This Renaissance Man is an expert in many things, unfortunately, none of them have anything to do with college football. He does however show a tremendous ability to arrive at a podcast studio at a designated time and talk into a microphone. In that regard, he is the show’s most talented member.

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