Saturday, June 13, 2020

Bulls - Cavaliers Recap (2/18/19)

It is day one following the All Star Game highlighted by an epic duel between Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the antics of Kevin Hart, Zach Lavine vs. Aaron Gordon, and the best basketball players in the league coming together in Toronto. Thursday night kicked off the second half of the season with a marquee matchup between the Chicago...

Ranking the biggest NBA Trade Deadline Day Deals of the Last Decade

The NBA Trade Deadline is always a spectacle, always coming down to the final hours, and with it passing by yesterday we take a look at the 5 biggest trades made on Deadline Day since 2005.  The paths of seasons, careers, and franchises can hinge on a single trade.  Sometimes, we know immediately a trade is huge, and other...

Clippers trade Lance Stephenson to Memphis for Jeff Green

As a pretty slow NBA trade deadline was coming to a close, Dan Woke dropped the biggest news so far of the day right after the deadline passed. The Clippers and Grizzlies have agreed to trade Lance Stephenson for Jeff Green. Both can be high impact players at a wing position as this trade certainly makes both teams interesting heading...

Kirk Hinrich traded to the Hawks

The Bulls have traded Kirk Hinrich.

NBA Trade Deadline Special: Part Two

The Trade Deadline is now less than a week away, and the action has already started to heat up.  Detroit made a trade to acquire Tobias Harris, in a move that bolsters there roster now and for the future. Rumors have been swirling around Houston, Atlanta, and Miami.  Dwight Howard, Al Horford, and Hassan Whiteside are each on the trade...

NBA Global Expansion

Since 1978, there have been 148 National Basketball Association (NBA) games played internationally and the push for increase in international play is constantly being raised. Ex-Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern, previously entertained the thought of actually expanding the league beyond the continent of North America and into Europe. With the league’s conception in 1949, international players were already apart...

Gushing Over the Dunk Contest and All-Star Weekend: A Recap

All-Star Weekend was really fun. Here's a recap of it.

Sometimes, It’s Just a Game

I do my best to express my thoughts on the passing on Ingrid Williams.

NBA Trade Deadline Special: Part One

The NBA trade deadline is coming up soon, which means for the next week we as NBA fans get the pleasure of putting on our GM caps and telling basketball lifers like Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers what they should do.  Everyone likes a good shake up.  Trades are exciting.  So over the next week we'll be telling you...

Kobe is Playing Like Kobe One Last Time

Kobe Bryant is putting up some vintage scoring performances late in his final season.
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