Nothing from this game should go on the end-of-season highlight video despite it ending in a 98-97 victory for the Philadelphia 76ers over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This was an ugly shooting night for both teams, in which they shot a combined 13 of 59 (22 percent) from deep.

What will be forgotten about the game due to a horrendous shooting night is the Sixers excellent fourth quarter defense and ending the game on a 6-0 run to get the one-point victory.

The shooting numbers are just too hard to ignore.

Whoa, Tobias:

Tobias Harris didn’t look comfortable on the court all night long.

He set a franchise record for consecutive missed three-point shots at 11, finishing 0 of 11 from deep for the game. Two of those shots hit the backboard without touching the rim in the opening quarter.

His struggles from three lead to a sequence in the third quarter when he passed on a wide-open three and ran into a charge.

After the game, Brett Brown explained the reason for his poor performance.

“He was ill, he has a stomach virus,” Brown said during his postgame press conference.

Brown said he didn’t expect Harris to play until just three hours before the game when the team arrived to the arena for a film study.

But even with all those struggles combined with the virus, he made two shots with under two minutes left in the game to cut the Cavs lead to one. Plus, he assisted on Joel Embiid’s game-winning dunk with 13.2 seconds left on the clock to give the Sixers the 98-97 lead.

Harris finished the game with 8 points on 4 of 17 from the field.

Can’t forget about JoJo:

Embiid was the only Sixer to bring his three-point shot to the game.

He made three of the team’s eight made three-point shots on only five attempts.

Embiid finished with 27 points and 16 rebounds.

It’s a quick turnaround for the Sixers, who face Markelle Fultz and the Orlando Magic Wednesday night.

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