The 2019 London Series is great, but 2020 should be elsewhere

The 2019 series in London should be fun, but the 2020 series should be elsewhere.

Combimetrics: the introduction of Magnum Octad Enumerate (MOE)

Combimetrics brings to you Magnum Octad Enumerate, the new theory that explains the true recipe for success in the majors.

Rembering “Doctober”, Roy Halladay Becomes a First Ballot Hall of Famer

The announcement of Roy Halladay being elected into the Hall of Fame came as no surprise to most fans, but better yet served as a fitting salute to the ace taken from this world too soon.

The Yankees need to invest in offseason events for the community

New York Yankees
The Yankees should not continue to be the elitist club of MLB. They need to be reaching out to all of New York, as there are fans from all over.

A battle worth fighting: Mel Stottlemyre dies at age 77

There was nobody on a pitching mound in 1965 that could deny Mel Stottlemyre was not the ace of the New York Yankees. With Whitey Ford a year from retiring, Stottlemyre was the hot pitcher that would front the rotation for 11 years. On a very dreary June 20, 2015, Mel Stottlemyre brightened the skies for every single Yankee...

Boring Minor League team names are a waste of an opportunity; how to be better

There’s nothing more disappointing than a Minor League affiliate with the same name as the parent team, unless its cliche like "Bulldogs" or "Cougars."

All non-pro level sports teams should have ridiculous names

Most of us have spent time looking through all of the Minor League baseball team names across the country. Ridiculous names should be required.

Derek Dietrich seems to be forgotten so far

For some reason, oh wait, we know why the Miami Marlins decided to get rid of Derek Dietrich. It all comes down to money. The Marlins decided to get rid of their longest-tenured player due to money. Despite making all of $2.8 million last season, the raise apparently was more than the Marlins were willing to pay. If designating...

Now that the Rays are stuck at Tropicana Field through 2027, time for upgrades

Tampa Bay Rays
There was reasonable skepticism when it came to the proposals for a new Tampa Bay Rays stadium in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. The aggressive new proposal for a stadium that would have probably repeated the legacy of 1964 Astrodome is history. Stuart Sternberg, the owner of the Rays, admits that the team is stuck in Tropicana Field through 2027....

The Dodgers benefit from WEEI firing Tim Neverett

Rich Hill
The Boston Red Sox and their partners at WEEI in Boston for radio announced that Tim Neverett would not return for the 2019 season. Neverett has spent the last three seasons as the partner to Joe Castiglione at WEEI.  A native of Nashua, New Hampshire, Neverett, age 52, left his job for the Pirates to come home and call...