Friday, July 7, 2017

Jackie Bradley Jr: Getting Hot at the right time

Jackie Bradley Jr. of the Boston Red Sox started off the season sort of slow. Before being able to get back on track, an...

Rockies Fans Are Divided; Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

The Colorado Rockies have lost a lot lately. Which, if you have been paying attention is both a surprise and not a surprise at...

Wilson Ramos, the big bat to lean on

Tampa has craved a catcher of Ramo's skillset This past offseason, the Rays scooped up catcher Wilson Ramos on a two-year deal. Unfortunately, he went...

Rays Sign Top International Prospect SS Wander Samuel Franco

The Rays have landed top international prospect Wander Samuel Franco in a $3.85 million dollar deal

Detroit Tigers snubbed as All-Stars are selected

On Sunday, the All-Star selections were announced and Michael Fulmer is the lone Detroit Tigers' representative. Should there be more? The Detroit Tigers' only player represented...

Reds Young Pitchers Showing Promise

Credit In a disappointing season for the pitching staff, some young prospects are getting the call. Jackson Stephens had quite the debut this past weekend,...

Angel Hernandez’s Lawsuit Has No Winners

Angel Hernandez has a right to be mad, but no one will win.

Time to Worry About the Cubs?

More Cubs fans hit the panic button everyday, but should they? A quick glance at why hope should not be lost.

Detroit Tigers: There is Still Hope for an Anibal Sanchez Trade.

Anibal Sanchez hasn't been a stellar pitcher for the last two seasons. Yet, there is still hope the Detroit Tigers could find a deal for him.

The Brewers Need to Aim for the NL Central Crown

A one or two game lead in the NL Central won't be enough to win the division. The Brewers must begin to build a cushion from the Chicago Cubs this season.