Double Trouble @mets beat writer @AnthonyDiComo and @AJC's @GabeBurnsAJC join the show as we finally finish our NL East season preview with Opening Day 1 week away! Sandwiched in between we discuss the rash of extensions, the Atlanta Opening Day position battles, and much more

How the changes to the MLB Trade Deadline can significantly benefit the Phillies

The Phillies have emerged as one of the most dangerous teams in the MLB following this offseason, but with the numerous upgrades came one department that remained unchanged. Many hesitate on calling the Phillies a postseason threat with the current rotation, but with the MLB's adjustment of the trade deadline, this could be the perfect opportunity for the Phillies to steal another star arm.

Mike Trout is Rich + Boom or Carton: Team Edition

Mike Trout got paid a bunch of money. The MLB opens up this week. James decides what he is going to do in his bracket pool. We think the Iditarod is over? The Historian returns for a history lesson. Boom or Carton: Team Edition. Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod Store:

Angels close to extending Mike Trout to 12 year $430 million deal

The Angels are close to extending Mike Trout to a 12 year $430 million deal, solidifying the Angels plans for the future and making Trout an Angel for life

How to shoot yourself in the foot: union style

The MLB union just found a way to ensure owners have even more control at the expense of baseball's future players in the minor leagues.

Somethin’s In The Air (And It Smells Like Change)

With Opening Day finally right around the corner Dylan and Doc discuss the underrated brilliance of Bryse Wilson, the battle for the 5th rotation spot, and give their thoughts on the announcement of the latest rule changes.

The Red Sox not spending on the bullpen could be the biggest mistake in the AL East

The Boston Red Sox failed to invest in Craig Kimbrel and they will regret it.

In Washington, the boys are going to be alright

Juan Soto
Much was speculated about what a Washington Nationals outfield would look like without Bryce Harper, and if Spring Training is any indication, the boys are going to be alright.

Boom or Carton: Player Edition + We Are Officially an Iditarod Podcast

Joe and James open up the show talking about Monmouth basketball and their chances to make the NCAA tournament (03:16 - 09:16). The Trevor Bauer Hot Take of the Week is back (09:16 - 13:01). Jayson Stark tweets out an absurd All Free Agent Team (13:01 - 19:31). They guys officially become an Iditarod podcast (19:31 - 27:15). Boom or Carton makes its long awaited return with an MLB player edition (27:15 - 47:25). Store: Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

Put That in Your Pipeline and Smoke It

MLB Pipeline's Jonathan Mayo stops by to give the inside scoop on some of the new risers in Atlanta's farm system. Afterwards we take a look at a couple of players off to a strong spring and discuss our rankings for the division this season.