Since last summer, a dark cloud has quietly loomed over Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Even through an ultra successful rookie season, the issue of a domestic violence case lingered. Zeke was never charged or arrested after the allegations.

The NFL players association recently turned over phone records plus other documents that the investigators have been seeking. This action met a request that was made a while ago. This is a potential huge step in resolving a concerning matter. According to the league, the investigation is still ongoing. They are still unwilling to get into details.

Because of the mishandling of former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown‘s case last year, and because of the infamous Ray Rice incident, the league may be being extra cautious here. Making information public during Brown’s feud caused for intense criticism. Something they are surely trying to avoid now.

The dragging on of this investigation has frustrated both Elliott and Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones. Elliott has made clear that he just wants this to be over with and behind him; he’s completely locked into the upcoming season and OTAs. Zeke feels that those involved are just “dragging their feet” now.

Zeke had a spectacular rookie season. He won the rushing title and finished with 16 touchdowns, helping the Cowboys win the NFC East at 13-3. His immediate impact was among the greatest ever. He was in a minor car accident last month, which caused him to miss the first week of OTAs for precautionary reasons.

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