Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has never been afraid to speak his mind. Whether it’s regarding something on or off the field, Dez always has an opinion. In this case, he has made it known that he wants to return punts for the Cowboys.

With Lucky Whitehead and Cole Beasley battling hamstring strains, Cowboy receivers Bryant and rookie Ryan Switzer have been getting the reps returning punts. Bryant only did this on Fridays during the regular season.

Bryant vowed, “I’m going to get me one of them, I’m telling you, I’m going to crib it. I’m telling you I’m going to score. I’m going to return one, and when I return it, come holler at me.” He’s also been in the coaches’ ears often on the subject over the last couple of weeks.

We know he does not lack confidence, or the ability either. Though not having returned a punt since 2012, he returned two for touchdowns as a rookie in 2010. One of which was for 93-yards against the New York Giants. Dez has sneaky speed, great hands, and is arguably the toughest receiver to bring down in the open field. His size and strength at his position is rare and he wants to put it to use in more ways than one.

Yes, the Cowboys drafted Switzer to be a future return man, but that doesn’t mean Bryant shouldn’t get some looks too. This is the present.

All Dez is asking for is a chance. He believes he can do it and he wants to do it. Now he just needs the opportunity. The Cowboys only worry is the injury risk at the position, which is understandable. Bryant has a pretty long history over the last few seasons with injuries. But the Cowboys should be looking to get the ball into Dez’s hands as much as they can. He’s one of their main playmakers on offense and the Cowboys haven’t returned a punt for a touchdown since 2013. They need a spark here, and Dez could be the guy.

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