Monday, June 22, 2020
Authors Posts by Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis

On April 15, 1990 I walked out the womb with an Atlanta Braves hat, Ole Miss Rebels football jersey, and Memphis Grizzlies basketball shorts (yea predicted the future) on. All I have ever known or talked about my entire life is sports. The only video games I have ever played are Madden, NBA LIVE or 2K, NCAA Football (rest in peace), or MLB 2K (also RIP). I know the height, position, and college of every player in the NBA, yet I couldn’t remember anything in biology class in high school or college. I have dominated fantasy baseball leagues for years because of my farm system knowledge and my competitive nature on the waiver wires. If my tv is on its either Impractical Jokers or sports. If I can’t watch my game live, it is recorded and I am so dedicated that I will not check social media until I watch the game. Sports and writing about sports has been my passion for life. Covered high school football as a high schooler instead of sitting in the stands and going out to parties after. This is what I breathe and sleep.
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