With Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals in the books as a Golden State Warriors win, both teams look ahead to Game 2 of this series. Yet again, the matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Warriors will play out in Oracle Arena. The Trilogy will continue tonight.

In Game 1, it was all Warriors in the second half. The Cavs struggled to hold on the ball, committing 20 turnovers to the Warriors four, which is tied for the fewest in Finals history. Despite such a disparity in that department, both teams still had their shared struggles. The Warriors and Cavs both shot less than 36 percent from the 3-point line.


More of the Same

The Warriors feasted on a few matchups in Game 1. The Warriors ability to use Stephen Curry as a decoy in transition led to many easy dunks and layups for Golden State. It must continue to do so in order to take a 2-0 series lead. Kevin Durant was also electric in Game 1 with 38 points, eight rebounds and eight assists. The Warriors need him to continue to produce to maintain their advantage.

Issues to Solve

The Warriors biggest problem, which they shared with Cleveland in Game 1, was actually poor 3-point shooting. With multiple transition opportunities from beyond the arc, Golden State must capitalize on those shots. Also, Golden State got severely out-rebounded even without Tristan Thompson having any impact. Thompson only had four rebounds in Game 1, which is well short of what is expected of him. Golden State can’t let that happen again and believe it will continue to hold the advantage in the series.

Uping the Ante

The Cavs have to realize after Game 1 just what they are up against. Curry and Durant combined to score 66 of the Warriors 113 points. It’s easy to see why that is concerning—if both of them continue to produce at that level, and Draymond Green and/or Klay Thompson wake up, the series will be a wrap. Luckily for Cleveland, Thompson doesn’t seem to be getting the ball much and the Warriors seem to want it that way. The biggest positive that the Cavs can hang their hats on is that Kevin Love was as good as ever with 15 points and 21 rebounds. That production must continue if Cleveland is going to have any chance to down the Dubs.

In Game 2, the Cavs will need to “up the ante” on the defensive end if they are going to have any chance of going home with a tied series.


Fixing Major Issues

Although Cleveland did out-rebound Golden State in Game 1, it never felt that way. Each Warriors rebound seemed like the dagger-type rebound that the Cavs are used to getting from Tristan Thompson. The Cavs were outscored 56-30 in the paint and 27-9 in transition. The Cavs will have to limit those opportunities to slow down Golden State. Everything for the Cavs starts on the defensive end—and the same goes for the Warriors.

The Cavs have a lot of adjustments to make before both teams take the floor tonight if they want to even the series. Game 2 will be on ABC at 8 p.m. at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

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