During All-Star weekend, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was quoted saying “The city of Chicago and Wrigley Field, the renovated Wrigley Field, in particular, would be a great site for an All-Star Game.”  Manfred could not be more correct.  Wrigley Field would be an absolute spectacle if it hosted All-Star festivities.

 In particular, Wrigley Field would be the best home in all of baseball for a home run derby.  While fans in all cities bring the enthusiasm to the home run derby, Chicagoans would outdo all of them.  If Wrigley were to host a home run derby, imagine how packed the streets would be with fans hoping to catch a ball.  The excitement of being able to watch big league sluggers pound baseballs completely outside of the ballpark would be an exhilarating.  Beyond the crowd in the streets, the rooftops would be packed full, creating an amazing scenery to hold a home run derby. 

   Not only would the aesthetics of Wrigley and Cubs fans be incredible, but the actual dimensions of the field are ideal for a home run derby.  355 to left, 368 to left-center, 400 to center, 368 to right-center and 353 to right would make for a derby with loads of home runs.  The more home runs in the home run derby, the better. 

   As Manfred said, Wrigley would make an amazing host especially following its renovations.  With the addition of the Park at Wrigley, fans from both near and far would be given various entertainment options.  Beyond the Cubs owned property, Wrigleyville would be a fantastic place to experience for visiting fans. 

   While an All-Star return to Wrigley could be soon, the Cubs must first renovate the away locker rooms.  Once this is done, the door for the All-Star game to return to the North Side would be open. 

   The city, the fans, the neighborhood, and Wrigley field would make for a fantastic host of an All-Star game.  Now it is up to the Ricketts family and the MLB to make it happen.


*Non bias, Wrigley field is definitely not the authors’ favorite place on this planet*

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