John Calipari has produced elite talent over the years, especially at the point guard position.  Coaching the likes of Derrick Rose, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Tyler Ulis, and most recently De’Aaron Fox, Calipari has coached his share of NBA guards.  Virtually getting a new team ever year, this year’s new Kentucky point guard is freshman Quade Green.  With Green’s skill set, he has all of the potential to become Calipari’s next great leader.

Scoring Ability

At 6’1 Green isn’t the tallest player on the floor but he makes up for it with his play.  His ability to get to the rim and jumpshot is what makes his a standout player.  Averaging 20.7 points a game his senior season, Green can light it up when he needs to.  He also is elite when coming off ball screens, from there he can hit mid range jumpers or get to the basket and draw fouls.  Look for this to be Green’s go to moves once the season starts.

Passing Ability

What also makes Green a unique talent is his ability to get his teammates involved.  While averaging over 20 points a game, he also averaged almost eight assists a game.  With the talent he will have around him next year, Green will be dropping dimes left and right.  Big Blue Nation shouldn’t be surprised if he averages at least 10 assists a game.  His ability to both score and pass the ball will make his a key factor for the Wildcats next season.

Leadership Qualities

What most importantly is Green’s greatest attribute is his leadership ability.  As a point guard they are often seen as the leader on the floor and he lives up to that expectation.  Not only does he lead by example but he is also a vocal leader.  Being able to galvanize his troops and get his teammates in the right spots is one of the best skills a point guard can have.  Having an extension of Calipari on the floor at all times will make a difference when March rolls around.

Green has all of the potential to be the next great Kentucky point guard.  Drawing comparisons to former Cat Tyler Ulis,  BBN will be in good hands if that’s the case.  Look for Quade to have a great season under Calipari and be the leader for the squad next year.

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