The Minnesota Wild worked all season for home-ice and an opportunity to play a lower seed, only to lose in five games.

This was supposed to be the deepest team yet. This was supposed to be the team to make a deep run. However in the end, it is the same old Wild. Boy, does this one hurt.

Wild fans have to be so utterly disgusted, disappointed and depressed as of right now. Hockey has not been spoken of since Saturday’s loss. How can the Wild work for seven months, play 82 games, finish second in the conference and put up this effort? Seriously? What the heck happened to the team that won twelve in a row, broke the franchise record, and was one of the favorites to win the Cup?

To make matters worse, the Wild lost to their old coach, Mike Yeo, and that is a dagger in the heart. The Wild front office threw Yeo out on the street. GM Chuck Fletcher fired this guy and blamed all our problems on him and Yeo came back and absolutely kicked Minnesota’s butt. Yeo has to be loving this.

The tale of this series went like this; the Wild could dominate a game like the first one and score one goal in 60 minutes. The St. Louis Blues dominated the first ten minutes of Game Five and they get two goals in that span. That was the difference in this series.

Now hold on, how can you only win one game as a number two seed? Zero goals from Nino Niederreiter, Eric Staal and Mikael Granlund, that is how. How many shots, chances, power plays do you need to finish the game off?

Seriously though, how could Minnesota fans not see this coming though? The state of Minnesota is cursed. The only championship this state delivers is in the WNBA.

The Wild were killing teams in the regular season. Now the question is, who is to blame? Was it Chuck Fletcher for bringing in Martin Hanzal and Ryan White and messing up the mojo? Was it the fall of Devan Dubnyk through the month of March? Is Bruce Boudreau really that bad in the playoffs? None of these reasons are why we lost in the first round. 

The Wild have yet to inquire a killer instinct throughout the team, the locker room, or the front office. When the Wild get a scoring chance, they hit the post, or shoot it wide. Perfect example, when the Wild were down 3-1 late in the third Saturday, Minnesota tied it up, but lose in overtime. That is called playing just good enough to lose. When the Wild finally won a first round series in 2014, they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks. A year later, the Wild upset the St. Louis Blues in the 2015 playoffs, but the next round they were swept by the Blackhawks.

They have come up short in the playoffs, this series and overall as a franchise. Teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins have “it”. They both have a mentality that they will not lose a series, a game or a shift when they need to. It shows; the Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups since 2010 and the Penguins have won two since 2009.  

The Wild are soft. They do not have the “it” factor. Until that changes, Minnesota will never win a Cup.

So today Wild fans, when you try to move on from unreached expectations, do not blame Devan Dubnyk, or the play of Jake Allen. Blame the mindset of this organization because they do not have the “it” factor to get it done in the playoffs.

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  1. Sad but true. No killer instinct. The trade blew up in their face. They became a slow team. They were winning with speed. The Wild are not big enough to play slow. It all started with Boudreau bringing players up-and-down and switching lines back-and-forth in February. Then they made the trade. They sat good players with speed that made them so hard to play against. In the end it cost them. Bitterly disappointed!

  2. “That is called just good enough to lose”!!! Perfect comment by this writer! This team tho! SO annoying 🙄 Ya hate to love em (@ times like this) & love to hate em (@ times like this)!


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