There have been ongoing discussions for months now about whether or not the Athletics should sign right fielder Josh Reddick to a contract extension. Both sides have shown interest but every time there is a statement on this topic, the Oakland front office says that discussions are being held off. For many fans, they believe this move should be made. Here is why.

He wants to be here

Josh Reddick has said many times that he enjoys the environment. He wants what is best for the team and it is easy to tell he is passionate about the organization. For example, when Josh Donaldson was traded, he expressed dissatisfaction with the front office because he saw the potential the team had to make a run with the current roster.

Josh Reddick has also embraced the lifestyle of the Oakland Athletics. From appearing in a music video about their 2012 celebratory dance the Bernie Lean,  to dressing up as Spider-Man after a walk-off hit to ‘pie’ someone in the face, he is showing that not only does he enjoy winning with the club, be he is having the time of his life doing so.

While watching Athletics game, Reddick is the player of the clubhouse who wants to be the first person to congratulate a player on their performance. And he is fired up every single time.

He also has the numbers to warrant an extension

Since being included in a trade that sent Andrew Bailey to the Boston Red Sox, Reddick has been a staple in the lineup. Although he has had some injuries throughout his time in Oakland, he has had minimal struggles at the plate. In his first year with the Athletics, he hit over 30 home runs while driving in 85 runs in while being a middle of the lineup hitter. The following two seasons Reddick missed a substantial amount of games but he still performed well enough to have 24 home runs and 110 RBIs in 223 combined games. Then in 2015, Reddick was able to remain healthy and hit 20 home runs with 77 RBIs while owning a batting average of .272

With the most recent discussions involving an offer of $36 million over three years, Reddick declined because he wanted an extra year. At that value, in addition to Reddick only being 29 years old, the $12 million a year seems like somewhat of a bargain even with the Athletics payroll. Even someone like Billy Butler is being paid $10 million a year.

According to, it was reported that the Chicago Cubs have inquired about Josh Reddick. While nothing is confirmed, the potential deal may be something the Athletics consider given their trade history with both Theo Epstein, who drafted Reddick, and the Chicago Cubs. Amidst these reports, it seems as though Reddick would rather remain with the Athletics than go to a title contender given the fact that he said the talks felt “disheartening” to him.

Josh Reddick deserves to be paid and make a run with the team that developed him into a big league ballplayer. The Athletics rarely give significant contract extensions but Josh Reddick should be an exception.

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