Sports bettors may find that their online betting account becomes frozen or closed after a run of successful betting. It can be a frustrating experience as you try to get your account re-opened or unfrozen. There can be a few reasons behind a sportsbook closing your account and preventing you from receiving winnings. Bettors seeking the best odds for the latest sports events such as the NFL, Premier League or NBA can explore Betfair and wager on the sports teams they believe will win.

While some sportsbooks close punters’ accounts, others can restrict or limit the bets that can be made. But why do bookmakers use these practices? Let’s look at some of the reasons bookies may close your sports betting account.

Bet size

Casual bettors will often stake round numbers on their bets. Professional bettors, on the contrary, know the exact amount of money to place on a wager to earn a specific profit. Professional bettors may make large bets or place a stake that looks strange to the average person. Rather than using round numbers such as $100 on a bet, professional better may wager an exact figure such as $104.57. Professional bettors calculate their bets exactly to get the profit they need and online sportsbooks will monitor these types of wagers and may flag them up.

Bonus abuse

Sportsbooks use bonuses and promotions to attract new customers and to keep existing clients coming back to play. However, the overuse and abuse of promotions and bonuses annoy sportsbooks. If you abuse a bonus and use it multiple times, it can raise eyebrows at your online bookmaker. In addition, winning a lot of money and not using bonuses can make bookies suspicious of your activity. Professional bettors are not regular users of promotions as they rarely fit into their betting system. Free bets and promotions come with terms and conditions which are not of interest to professional punters.

Too much winning

Bookmakers are not in the business to lose money. Don’t be confused, sportsbooks’ goals are to not lose money and to make as much as possible. When you win a lot of money on their bets, a sportsbook’s interest is piqued that you may be a professional punter. Bookmakers prefer punters wagering and losing money before paying out. Even when they have to pay out, they want to be making more than losing, which is the opposite of punters. If a punter is winning more than losing, then their accounts could be restricted at the very least.

Multiple accounts

If you set up multiple accounts with one bookmaker using fake names, then you are not playing by their terms and conditions. Punters who have duplicate accounts typically do so to exploit the bonus and promotions provided by sportsbooks. Sportsbooks often exclude certain deposit methods such as eWallets from promotions and bonuses, because punters can use them for multiple accounts. If you are found to have multiple accounts, you will see your account closed.

Sportsbooks can restrict your account or close it for multiple reasons. However, if you are playing by the terms and conditions and not trying to outsmart the bookie with underhanded tactics, you shouldn’t have any problem with your online account.


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