Two of the most controversial general managers in the NHL right now are Peter Chiarelli of the Edmonton Oilers and Marc Bergevin of the Montreal Canadiens. Both are known to take drastic measures in some of the least intense moments in their franchises history to attempt making dramatic changes and “fix” their team for the better. Right now, both are upsetting fans, and becoming some of the biggest laughing stocks of the NHL. With that said, let’s compare the two clowns.

Marc Bergevin

Creating the most noise recently, Bergevin has been on his disaster tour. Recently, he’s traded Alex Galchenyuk for Max Domi, who totaled nine goals last season with four of them being empty netters. He’s also given Al Montoya, a promising backup goalie, as well as Joe Morrow the boot to “develop” his team.

One trade that brings this clown to the spotlight was 2016’s abomination of a trade that sent away P.K Subban for Shea Weber. It was a dramatic loss of personality in the city, as well as heart. This trade, out of all of them, will forever stain Bergevin’s career.

Peter Chiarelli

Chiarelli is that one guy who calls the cops on his neighbor for being too loud but accidentally calls on the wrong house because he assumed too much.

Chiarelli has a long history of being just a bad, bad general manager. In his lifetime, he traded Tyler Seguin after blowing the 2013 Stanley Cup Final in 17 seconds and assumed he didn’t fit in with the teams’ “culture”. Turns out, he’s one of the best in the NHL at the moment as isn’t skipping a beat as the Dallas Stars best player.

In recent years, he’s basically taken everything that the Edmonton Oilers could be and turned it upside down. Within the past two years, he’s traded Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils for Adam Larsson, and then Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome. Funny thing is, Hall is now on pace to become the best Devil since Zach Parise, as he’s nominated for the Hart Memorial trophy this year.

He traded two first round picks just to change the dynamic of a team who was on the rise of becoming a powerhouse with Connor McDavid and his bodyguard Milan Lucic by his side. Now they’re lucky if they’re not the third worst team in the Pacific Division.

Who’s Worse?

Now, I’m just glad I don’t have to see either of these men toy around with my roster, but I’d have to go out on a limb and say that Chiarelli is by far one of the worst GM’s to stain the NHL. He makes playing “GM Mode” on NHL 19 look as if it could be a reality. He’s single-handedly destroyed a team who had a chance to become playoff contenders and run nearly a decade of draft picks and work into the ground. Have fun Edmonton, you’ve just been served.

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