It is not uncommon for NFL teams to make moves that confuse the media and fans. Teams are not required to inform anyone of why they do whatever it is that they do – whatever the moves are, as long as the team wins games, they are fine.

However, the New York Giants haven’t been winning games, and with the moves that Giants GM Dave Gettleman has been making, it is hard to see just how the team plans on winning many, if any, in the near future.

Nonetheless, Gettleman has begged fans to trust him. He has said that there is a plan in place. He has tried to give supporters the impression that there is a method behind the madness.

It would be easier to give him the benefit of the doubt if there was a train of thought or anything that could help fans and media types decipher what the team may be thinking. Instead, there is so much confusion surrounding the Giants plans for the future that oddsmakers, and the media, don’t appear to have a clue who the Giants are looking to take in the first round of the draft.

The expectation has been that the Giants are going to take Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins with their first pick in the draft (No. 6). Though, there have been reports that the Giants do not believe that Haskins is a good fit for the team.

With how Eli Manning has played in recent years and with the possible best target being traded to the Cleveland Browns, they have to be thinking about their quarterback of the future, right? Not necessarily. There have been talks of an extension being a possibility for the 38-year old if the Giants do not fall in love with anyone in the draft.

From what co-owner Steve Tisch has said about the sense of security, he feels that with Manning it may be hard for them to truly feel comfortable handing the team over to another quarterback.

According to media reports, it is hard to see them going with anyone this year. Oddsmakers still feel like they will take Haskins, despite reports to the contrary. There have been rumors that they could try to trade him for Josh Rosen. Missouri quarterback Drew Lock has been discussed as an option, as has Duke’s Daniel Jones with the No. 17 pick.

However, at the same time, there have been reports indicating that the Giants are going to go with an edge rusher in the first round. That kind of makes you wonder why they traded away Olivier Vernon. Yes, he was overpriced for the production he was generating. Still, why create another need when the roster already has so many?

To be fair, Gettleman could go with one of the handful of edge rushers expected to go early in the first round and then take a quarterback with the No. 17 pick. Maybe they roll the dice and go with someone in the second or third round. With as much as Manning’s production has dipped in recent years, they have to go with someone.

It is so hard to tell what they are going to do that oddsmakers have sent their odds to win the Super Bowl skyrocketing the last few weeks. Not that they were good to begin with, but they are now even worse. As of March 10, they were +4100 to win Super Bowl LIV.

They are now up to +6800 (as of April 2).

No one expects the Giants to be competitive this upcoming season, but what supporters would like to see is a reason to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They need to know the method to the madness and find a reason to think the team is on the right track.

Right now, there isn’t an apparent method to the madness engulfing the New York Giants. If one doesn’t become clear by the time the 2019 season ends, Gettleman may not get a chance to show the world what the plan is for the New York Giants.

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