In a Saturday ABC Prime Time slot in what was supposed to be a good game turned into a crushing of the Los Angeles Clippers by the Golden State Warriors. More specifically, Stephen Curry showed national TV audience why he is a back to back MVP. In just three quarters Curry put up 43 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists on 15-23 from the floor including 9 made three pointers. Curry himself outscored the Clippers in the 3rd quarter, 25 to L.A.’s 23.

The game also was the first game back in Oracle for Marreese Speights. Much loved by Warriors fans for his time in Oakland, Speights received a large applause from the crowd. And proceeded to let Curry drive right past him.

The Clippers were missing starting point guard Chris Paul due to injury; however, even Paul wouldn’t be able to stop the Warriors when they are firing on all cylinders putting up a final score of 144-98. What was once a blossoming and intense NBA rivalry has turned into 8 straight regular season wins for the Warriors. Although the teams still have a bitter past, there has not been a lot of guess work of what the outcome will be when they go head to head.

With rumors of stars leaving in free agency, the Clippers window for success with this squad is beginning to close and makes one wonder if the rumors of a trade of Carmelo Anthony hold any merit. Especially now that they realize they don’t stand a chance against the top team in the league with their current line up.

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