USA vs. World Baseball Game

America's Pastime meets the World's riches.

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Baseball: A Dream Game

The best matchup in baseball would be the greatest country on earth taking on the rest of the world. Who has the advantage? What would a lineup look like? Who takes the rubber for game 1? And who wins the series? All questions that might be incredibly difficult to answer, but taking a look at the rosters should help sway you one way or another. For the sake of this roster, I created a 25 man team with 3 bench players and 8 bullpen arms.

USA Lineup:

1. Mike Trout (Center Field)

2. Giancarlo Stanton (Designated Hitter)

3. Bryce Harper (Left Field)

4. Nolan Arenado (Third Base)

5. Paul Goldschmidt (First Base)

6. Daniel Murphy (Second Base)

7. Aaron Judge (Right Field)

8. Corey Seager (Shortstop)

9. Buster Posey (Catcher)


Charlie Blackmon (Outfield)

Kris Bryant (Third Base/Left Field)

Austin Barnes (Catcher/Second Base)

Starting Rotation:

Max Scherzer

Clayton Kershaw

Corey Kluber

Chris Sale

Stephen Strasburg


Justin Verlander

Dallas Keuchel

Jacob deGrom

Wade Miller

Brad Hand

David Robertson

Andrew Miller

Craig Kimbrel

World Lineup:

1.  Jose Altuve (2nd Baseman)

2. Francisco Lindor (Shortstop)

3. Manny Machado (3rd Baseman)

4. Joey Votto (1st Baseman)

5. Edwin Encarnacion (Designated Hitter)

6. Yoenis Cespedes (Left Field)

7. George Springer (Center Field)

8. Yadier Molina (Catcher)

9. Marcell Ozuna (Right Field)


Jose Ramirez (Utility)

Anthony Rizzo (1st Baseman)

Gary Sanchez (Catcher)

Starting Rotation:

Luis Severino

Jose Quintana

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Carrasco

Yu Darvish


Jake Arrieta

Alex Colome

Zach Britton

Roberto Osuna

Raisel Iglesias

Dellin Betances

Aroldis Chapman

Kenley Jansen


USA’s lineup has 4 MVP’s while World’s lineup only has 2. The thump of the United States lineup is exemplified through the fact that a 50 plus homer threat bats 7th, while a former MVP is batting last. The World has a good blend of speed, power, and veteran presence, but  it gets overpowered by the star power they are up against.

Advantage: USA


The USA has several defensive stars, most notably Nolan Arenado with 5 Gold Gloves and more to come. Even with an extremely athletic outfield for the United States doesn’t stand a chance against the defense of the World. Every player on the field is a gold glover outside of Springer, who has the legs and athleticism to chance down any ball. The US has 5 players without a gold glove to their name, putting them at a huge disadvantage up against defensive stars like Yadier Molina and Manny Machado.

Advantage: World


The starting rotation of the US is absolutely stacked from top to bottom, led and anchored by Washington Nationals’ Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. They have 3 Cy Young award winners amongst their starters. The World’s rotation is solid throughout, but their main advantage is the bullpen. Several star relievers at the back end in Kenley Jansen and Roberto Osuna assure for security in the later innings. Having dominant lefties in Zach Britton and Aroldis Chapman allow for strategic matchups and balance in the bullpen. The US has a solid bullpen with prominent names, but the dominance of Chapman and Jansen closing it down gives them the upper hand.

Rotation Advantage: USA

Bullpen Advantage: World


The teams have their advantages, but it would be virtually impossible to tell whether one team would win over the other. It would be extremely exciting to see these teams go head to head and the possible matchups between current teammates would be a thrill to watch. There’s nothing better than a good debate, and this would surely start a good one…so who would win the matchup?

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I’m a writer for the Boston Red Sox as well as a Red Sox fan, but an overall sports fanatic who seems to know too many facts about the history of baseball and basketball. Very competitive and always down for a sports debate.
I’m a writer for the Boston Red Sox as well as a Red Sox fan, but an overall sports fanatic who seems to know too many facts about the history of baseball and basketball. Very competitive and always down for a sports debate.
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  1. Me encantaria ver esta serie, seri super interesante!! Vamos a esperar para la proxima serie clasica y evr que pasa! Viva el baseball, si!!!


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