Trae Young began his summer league the way he finished the latter half of the season for the Oklahoma Sooners; he just can’t seem to find his rhythm on the floor. Lines like 3/16, 5/16 and 4/20, including one of eleven from deep, have showed that Young’s struggles could continue when the season begins, especially if the Hawks look to trade experienced point guard Dennis Schroeder. Young’s 23 percent mark from the field in three games is extremely low — for someone the Hawks drafted because of shooting, this could be disastrous for both parties.

While summer league is a chance for lesser-known players to try and make an impact on the coaches, usually it’s an opportunity for the lottery picks from the last two seasons to go out and show off their skill sets while getting back into game shape before the long NBA regular season. The Hawks have a roster with next-to-no experience, and besides Young, seemingly one or two more players with a chance to make an NBA roster. In a sense, it feels a lot like the Sooner’s 2018 season and how much they relied on Trae Young to handle the ball, distribute to players who can’t shoot and create 20-plus points basically on his own.

Tyler Dorsey, the second year man out of Oregon has played well, and Omari Spellman, who was a huge part of Villanova’s championship run last season, has played solid minutes. But the majority of the pressure has fallen on Young’s shoulders, and just like the second half of his only year at Oklahoma, the media is scrutinizing every shot he misses and every turnover he makes.

The big moment from the Hawks game versus the Jazz was when Young and Grayson Allen got tangled up on a Young pump fake and took Allen to the court. Both players were awarded technical fouls, and Atlanta fans saw Trae Young’s fire for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s just Summer League, and hopefully Young has a long career, but if his struggles from the field continue — whether it be shooting, turnovers or struggles on the defensive side — fans and the rest of the league will forever remember that the Hawks passed on of Luka Doncic for this.

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