Rondale Moore is a name that no football fan will ever forget, joining the Purdue Boilermakers as a highly anticipated prospect from Louisville, Kentucky. The 5-foot-9 true freshman proved that he can play at a high level.

In his first game, he posted a stat line of 109 receiving yards and 79 rushing yards. This was in addition to his two crucial touchdowns that allowed Purdue to keep the score close. The Boilermakers ended up losing the game to Northwestern by a score of 31-27.

It’s a tough loss for the program that needed to start the season off on a strong foot. Amidst the struggles of quarterback Elijah Sindelar, Moore was able to dominate against a solid Wildcat defense. He was instant offense, something that Purdue will heavily rely on throughout the season.

Not an Average True-Freshman

Rondale Moore looks like a hot prospect for the NFL, and he has only played one game.

If there’s one thing that prospects are looking for, it’s work ethic, and this guy has it. A month before the home opener, he posted a video of himself squatting 600 pounds. He’s only going to become even more of a hot topic as the year progresses.

My prediction is that he will not return for a second year at Purdue. That being said, he can still have a huge impact on the current season, and possibly bring in more coveted recruits.

The team needs to collect itself and prepare for its matchup against Eastern Michigan next week.

Moore receiving a kickoff against Northestern. Credit @ronadle_moore on Instagram


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