The Tennessee Titans went into Houston to take on the Texans on Monday Night Football. I’m just not going to get into too many specifics just so I won’t break my own computer! Let’s get to this recap shall we?

First Quarter

The first quarter was an overall good start for this Titans offense as Marcus Mariota and Corey Davis got off to a good start.

That drive led to three points and put the Titans on the board first. The defense got into an early, sacking Deshaun Watson and forcing a punt. The man with the sack? Jayon Brown. With that sack, Brown extended his league lead of sacks by inside linebackers to five and 1/2.

The next drive is where the touchdown fun got started as well. Marcus Mariota dropped back and found Jonnu Smith wide open. Smith did the rest for Marcus and raced 61 yards for a touchdown, bringing the Titans’ lead to 10-0. For a guy that’s close to 250 pounds, Smith has some serious speed.

The Texans then decided to get in on the scoring fun as well. Driving down the field and capping it off with a touchdown catch from Demaryius Thomas to shorten the Titans’ lead to 10-7. Adoree Jackson had outside leverage on this play, but was beaten and couldn’t recover in time. Thomas’ size on the play also shielded off Adoree from making a play.

This is the point where things started to go down hill for this Tennessee Titans offense. The drive started off with a nice down field completion to Corey Davis. You thought maybe this was the start of another successful drive? Think again.

The drive stalled and the Titans were forced to give the ball back to a Texans offense that seemed to find their groove on the last drive. Boy did they continue just that groove and Watson rushed for a score. Brian Orakpo got lost in the dive action on the read option and Watson recognized it and dashed away for a score.

Second Quarter

The Titans seemed to not lose their cool on their next drive. The drive started with a Corey Davis carry from wildcat.

The drive got down the field in a jiffy until it was 4th and 1, inside the Texans’ 10-yard line. These plays can decide a season and the Titans decided to run a very bad one. A full back dive to Luke Stocker. This play was stupid for two reasons. First, you have a mobile quarterback in Marcus Mariota and a load at running back in Derrick Henry. Those two players have to touch the ball in more extent on short yardage and Matt LaFleur failed to do that. Second reason, LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN THE BOX!

PLEASE tell me in your right mind how that play is going to work. I would LOVE an explanation. Excuse me for my rant, now let’s get back. The Texans got the ball back inside their own five and ripped off a 97-yard touchdown run by Lamar Miller.

After that score, there wasn’t much action as earlier. Both teams traded some punts and left us with the belief that this was very much still a game. The Titans got the ball back inside of two minutes in the first half and needed to get some points soon.

Instead of points however, we get left with this glorious Dion Lewis run that goes nowhere, with some added embarrassed chuckling to go with it.

The Texans got a field goal at the end of the half, thanks to an unbelievable Deandre Hopkins catch along the sideline. Watson with a good throw between two defenders as well to give Hopkins a chance.

HALFTIME SCORE: Texans 24 Titans 10

Third Quarter

The Texans got off to a good start on their first drive of the second half. They extended their lead to 27-10 on a field goal and gave it back to the Titans. The Titans did nothing with it and as a result, set off a series of back to back punts, until……

That strike cut the Texans lead to 27-17. Momentum seemed like it was tipping in the Titans favor and a game would be made again. See how I said seemed? Yeah it it didn’t happen whatsoever.

Fourth Quarter

The Texans got the ball back and punted, but the Titans punted it right back. The Texans lead was extended thanks to another Demaryius Thomas touchdown to make the lead 34-17, but it seemed like the Titans got the short end of the stick when the refs ruled Deshaun Watson didn’t fumble the ball on a 30+ yard scramble.

The Titans got the ball back and did nothing with it for the rest of the night and lost to the Houston Texans 34-17.

The Titans had plenty of problems that put them in a deep hole. The offensive line was was bad again. Josh Kline and Jack Conklin in particular had very rough games to add to their rough season. The play calling even was a big factor in why the Titans offense couldn’t sustain any regular rhythm. The defense couldn’t stop the run or cover any wide receiver.

I mean for goodness sake, Marcus Mariota was 22/23 for 304 yards and two touchdowns. How do you even waste such a great performance? It was a classic mediocre Titans loss, that left all of us with a bad but familiar taste in our mouths. I mean I just expect mediocrity at this point from the Titans.

Regardless of coaching staff, fan support, or whatever players are on the roster, great players such as Jurrell Casey, Marcus Mariota, etc., are being wasted away on this team while losses and inconsistency pile up. This team’s playoff hopes seem dead now. Even the division is far from a possibility for the Titans at this point. Weirder things have happened, but I just can’t see it.

They stand at 5-6 and the Colts standing at 6-5 gunning for the last wild card spot. This team still has five games remaining, 4-of-5 of those are at home except for a trip to New York to take on the Giants. This team is in too deep of a hole when it comes to record against common AFC opponents. I don’t know what to say, but I guess it is what it is. The Titans take on the Jets next week at home at a 3 p.m. kickoff.

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Content Creator at Armchair Titans , The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
I have a couple things to live by: 1. Don’t disrespect the amazing hunk of football talent Marcus Mariota 2. If you don’t like the Titans, that’s cool, I don’t care 3. The Yankees will ALWAYS be better than the Red Sox
Content Creator at Armchair Titans , The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
I have a couple things to live by: 1. Don’t disrespect the amazing hunk of football talent Marcus Mariota 2. If you don’t like the Titans, that’s cool, I don’t care 3. The Yankees will ALWAYS be better than the Red Sox


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