Let’s get this out of the way right now: Brandon Knight is just an average NBA player. He is a solid scorer and a poor defender whose best season in the league came when his player efficiency rating was just at 18.5.

Last season was one of Knight’s worst in the league. He averaged only 11 points per game and shot 32% from the 3-point line.

He may have some solid seasons left in him at the young age of 25. However, it seems evident that those seasons will not come in a Phoenix Suns uniform.

It seems that the Suns are finally starting to realize this as Ian Begley of the New Yrok Daily News reported that Knight’s time with the team could come to an end soon.

A Good Fit for Knight

This couldn’t be a more perfect team for the Suns to deal Knight to. The New York Knicks aren’t even in the same conference. The Knicks are just stupid enough as an organization to give up some good assets for Knight.

As usual careers go in the NBA, Knight is about to enter into his prime years. He would fill a great need at point guard for the Knicks. A team as desperate as them could talk themselves into giving up some interesting assets for a 25 year-old player who once averaged 19.6 points per game.

Peak Knight is actually more than just a solid player, and the Knicks could take that gamble on a player who has some impressive highlights.

The Suns are losing almost nothing with a trade as well. With the addition of Josh Jackson and the continued improvement of its’ young team, Phoenix will easily make up for Knight’s lost production.

It’s All About Players Now

The NBA is full of teams who are in the middle of the biggest arms race the league has ever seen. Organizations are either getting as many stars as they can now to take on the Golden State Warriors, or are building up an arsenal of assets that will help them take the league when the reign of the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are over.

The Suns can’t even come close to having a team that can compete with the Warriors in the playoffs, if they are somehow lucky enough to get there soon.

Trading Knight for some young pieces would be a solid start to building towards a future that can be very prosperous. Also, this type of trade would be beneficial for the young core of the Suns as they would have the ball in their hands more often.

Knight did some very good things for the Suns in his career. However, it’s time for Phoenix to do something very good for Knight. Even if it’s not with the Knicks, it’s time to trade Knight to a team that could truly use his services.


  1. Knight seems like he never gets any credit for actually being a decent pro. Even in his No. 1 highlight the announcer mentioned him getting posterized by Drummond. New scenery on a team that isn’t pressured to win now would be good for him.

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