For their standards, Washington had a bad game

Rutgers was able to look like a legit team in Week 1 against Washington, putting together a few drives which made fans put last year’s struggles behind them—slightly, anyway. The Scarlet Knights beat the Huskies in small areas such as time of possession, first downs, and rush yards. However, the outcome of the game proved those minor wins insignificant.

Rutgers had a lot of long drives which resulted in nothing but time chewed off the clock. If you look at the interceptions forced, special teams scores and big plays, it’s clear that when it came down to it, talent was what decided the outcome of that game. Washington, in it’s Week 1 infancy, was simply able to produce more of those big momentum shifting moments than Rutgers.

Kyle Bolin still has a long road

Bolin went 17-37, 198 yards, and two interceptions against a mediocre defense on Saturday. In Week 1, some of his throws seemed off point, but overall his accuracy wasn’t a huge concern to me. There is room to believe it could have been a bad game, but I think the sheer lack of on field experience is beginning to reveal itself. Not only were some of the throws on Saturday way off the mark, some of the decisions made by the quarterback were questionable to say the least. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one perplexed by the fourth quarter interception, or the spike on second down the following drive.

I’m not ready to call for freshman Johnathon Lewis just yet. While Lewis certainly has a higher potential, they share almost the same level of game experience, which I think is the overall issue at the quarterback position for Rutgers to begin with. Bolin was voted captain for these disheartening moments of the season though, so we’ll see if he can get both himself and his team together before facing Morgan State this Saturday.

This could be another long season for Rutgers fans

Going into this season, Rutgers seemingly had the keys to bounce back. The new veteran additions, upcoming talent, surprise rap performances; it looked as if this new team was excited to start a different conversation for Rutgers football. Saturday was supposed to be the start of that. If Rutgers can’t pull off wins against teams like Eastern Michigan, expect them to have a very tough time this year winning games. Big Ten play will begins in two weeks after the Morgan State game this Saturday, and right now, that is a scary sight.



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