The Sooners started Saturday with Austin Kendall at the helm with QB1 Kyler Murray suspended for one drive. Kendall was a part of a three and out, before a fumble on the punt return set the Sooners and Kyler Murray up for an easy first score.

Sooner Offense 

The offense starts and ends with Kyler Murray, and yesterday he played like a potential Heisman winner. The game looked simple for Murray, as he diced up the Bears defense for 432 yards on just 21 passes. He passed for SIX touchdowns and ran for one as well. Seven total TD’s for Kyler, and he was able to spread the ball around getting a ton of players involved.

Marquise Brown struggled last week, but that was all in the past after he posted 130 yards and two scores on just five catches. He wasn’t the only wideout who tore it up either. CeeDee Lamb had over 100 yards and a score, and Lee Morris added two more TD’s to his season total. The three combined for almost 300 yards on just 11 catches. If Murray keep them all involved every game, this offense will be tough to stop.

Trey Sermon struggled all game, but the running game was boosted big time by the huge day from Kennedy Brooks in the second half. On just 8 rushes, he scored twice and added over 100 yards, including a huge breakaway 50-yarder.

Offense Grade: A+

Sooner Defense 

Again, the Sooners defense played a ton of snaps, 101 to be exact. That’s even more than Army, and the Bears looked to torch the secondary. Charlie Brewer threw for 400 yards and two scores, but it took him 60 passing attempts to get there. The entire Baylor offense looked wiped at the end, but so did the Sooner defense.

The Sooners allowed just 75 yards, and sacked Charlie Brewer 6 times. Caleb Kelly late in the game hit Brewer for the hardest hit this season, absolutely destroying the QB from the edge.

Kenneth Murray and Curtis Bolton continued their big tackle spree, adding 17 and 16 respectively. Those two have turned into some of the hardest LB’s to get past in the Big 12.

Denzel Mims and Jalen Hurd both had over 100 yards receiving, but they were targeted over and over again against Oklahoma’s exhausted secondary.

Allowing 33 to the Baylor Bears was disappointing, but when the offense scores in just a matter of plays, it wasn’t surprising that the Bears racked up so much total offense.

Defense Grade: B-

All in all, the Sooners head into the Red River Rivalry with some serious offensive momentum, and will need that to take down the Longhorns in Dallas. If Kyler Murray keeps this up, then his name is sure to be mentioned in the Heisman Watch every week.

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