The Philadelphia 76ers have started the season 25-14 through 39 games. It’s their best start since going 30-9 in 2001.

The trio of Joel EmbiidBen Simmons and Jimmy Butler should be all-star’s this season and are playing well as a team.

But most times what’s going right can be put aside for little incidences that naturally occur during the long NBA season.

Embiid vs. Simmons

Over recent weeks, Embiid has made comments about his role in the offense. After the Christmas day loss to the Boston Celtics, Embiid complained about his lack of touches in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Some saw those comments as a shot at head coach Brett Brown, others thought he was talking about Simmons. Either way, it wasn’t a good look for the team.

There’s been speculation that Embiid and Simmons don’t like each other, and a breakup will happen at some point.

Neither has said anything negative toward the other to the media or anywhere else. Also, their body language on the court appears to be normal.

But against the Los Angeles Clippers, Embiid was not happy with Simmons after they collided going for a rebound in the third quarter.

Embiid took a shot in the head from Simmons’ shoulder and the 76ers called timeout.

Twitter immediately exploded, but Embiid diffused the situation after the game.

“I kind of freaked out also, because that’s the same [part of the] face I had surgery on,” Embiid told Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer after the game.

He’s referring to an incident last season when he collided with Markelle Fultz. Embiid missed the last eight regular season games and two playoff games.

No Real Incident

“That’s why I lost it,” Embiid said on the incident. “But it was a basketball play. Nothing to talk about.”

Both Simmons and Embiid are great rebounders so it’s not unusual that this happens sometimes. “I mean, coach tells me to crash the boards. So I just went to the boards,” Simmons said about the incident.

This is the first time Embiid has shown outward frustration with a teammate on the court. Let’s not read too much into it.

Nobody likes getting hit in the face.

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