The Titanic Wasn’t Unsinkable

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Haters gonna hate, and we’re cool with it! This week, we get into foul balls and chip readers in our best and worst (3:24). We follow that up with some NBA free agency while L.J. loses his cool (18:21), and a Trout swimming against the MLB current (30:32). The Round Mound of Touchdown teaches us some hard truths about food (34:30). The ESPYs did something incredibly right with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award (43:30). Do you want a show that’s got a small amount of great episodes or one that has too many bad episodes (48:00)? Finally, what’s up with that extra 9 at the gas pump, and how do you know when you made it? (58:52). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

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A show about everything and nothing.
A show about everything and nothing.


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