Head coach Brett Brown will be one of the busiest coaches in the NBA this season.

For the third time in under a calendar year, the 76ers roster underwent a major roster shakeup that will require Brown to adjust his strategy to fit the current roster.

The offense will look different next season meaning the coaching staff lead by Brown and the players must put in the effort to make it work.

Reshuffling the Deck

The departures of Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick will completely change the offensive approach.

Redick and Joel Embiid thrived the past two seasons creating good shots for both in the dribble hand off.

It was easily the hardest part of the offense for the opposing team to defend. Redick’s shooting ability and Embiid’s athleticism rolling to the basket created chemistry between them, while causing confusion from the defense on whom to guard.

Meanwhile, Butler often took the point guard role late in the season and into the playoffs. He was the first option when they needed a basket.

With both out the door, the offense will undergo some serious changes.

Better fit for Tobias Harris

Josh Richardson and Al Horford aren’t offensive upgrades over Redick and Butler but perhaps the team will fit better together.

Tobias Harris should benefit the most from the offseason changes. He will have a much bigger role now than compared to last season.

Harris will be one of two primary ball-handlers (the other being Ben Simmons) who will be setting up the team in the half-court offense.

Last season, if Simmons didn’t have the ball it was always Butler picking up the slack. Harris’ role on offense became more of a spot up shooter and rebounder.

In an interview with Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer last month, Harris said due to the combination of different guys he wasn’t used enough.

“I was definitely underutilized,” Harris told Hayes in July.

He should be used more in the pick-and-roll with Embiid and Simmons since he excelled in that role for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The offense operating a different way from season’s prior doesn’t necessarily mean it will be worse.

It very well could be worse, but we can’t make that estimation until the game’s count.

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