The Return of Uber-Jones?


AtTheBuzzer on FOX recently broke some big news in the world of Mixed-Martial Arts.

Only 2 months away from the most anticipated rematch of 2016?  Thank you Dana White for the early birthday present.

But why the quick turnaround? Does UFC brass not want to risk current Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier losing the belt to another challenger?  Unlikely, since he is was undefeated until his fight with Jones.  Most likely the play is to put on the extremely lucrative rematch on as soon as possible.  And then feed the winner and Light Heavyweight Champion to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who looked like a world-destroyer after walking through Ryan Bader in the first round of their bout at UFC on FOX in January.  Anthony is the last light heavyweight that has not fought Jones yet, and it is a fight that fans have wanted for over a year.  But, as always, things said by UFC CEO Dana White should be taken with a grain of salt. He does not have the best track record of predicting when events will happen in his own company.

Another thing to note is the newfound motivation and approach that Jones has been taking towards fighting…

Just to be clear, this man was a world champion in the left picture.

If the power punching of Rumble cannot stop this man then there is only one place left to go, the Heavyweight Division.

With McGregor and Jones potentially eyeing belts outside of their usual weight division, 2016 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in the history of the UFC in terms of Super-fights.


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