Imagine if Joel Embiid decided to quit basketball during his time at the University of Kansas.

A scary thought isn’t it?

How would the Philadelphia 76ers look without its star center? Nobody wants to think of a world without Embiid on the 76ers roster. I mean no one!

Well it almost happened according to the man himself.

In a Players’ Tribune article written by Embiid, an embarrassing moment at Kansas almost ended his career.

“My very first scrimmage at Kansas, I got dunked on so hard by Tarik Black that I almost quit. Tarik dunked on me so hard that I was looking at plane tickets home,” Embiid said. “This guy was a senior. He was a grown man. I didn’t know what was going on. He got this one rebound and dunked over me so hard that everything went in slow motion.”

Embiid added the entire Kansas women’s basketball team was watching the scrimmage.

Changing outcomes

It just goes to show you how events can change the course of history.

If Embiid decided to quit, the 76ers may still be in rebuilding mood.

The NBA would be missing on one of the greatest talents in the league.

And everyone on Twitter would be missing out on a great follow.

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