Over the past few weeks, the twenty-four teams who will take part in the Overwatch World Cup have revealed their rosters. Of these teams, only eight will participate in the World Cup finals to take place at BlizzCon from Nov. 2-4. Let’s look at the announced rosters.

Each team is made up of 12 players, of which seven will travel to official World Cup events.

The Group Stage Qualifiers:

South Korea

Paradise City hotel, Incheon, August 17-19
  • South Korea
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Russia

United States

Blizzard Arena, Los Angeles, September 7-9
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Austria


Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok, September 14-16
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Spain


Espace Grande Arche, Paris, September 21-23
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland

Team Rosters:


Hus-DPS, Blank Esports

cKm-DPS, Blank Esports

Yuki-DPS, Dark Sided


Adam-Flex, Blank Blue

Punk-Flex, Dark Sided

Trill-Tank, Blank Esports

Quartz-Tank, Sydney Drop Bears

Custa-Support, Los Angeles Valiant

Tongue-Support, Blank Esports

Bertlog-Support, Sydney Drop Bears

Akraken-Support, Sydney Drop Bears

Aside from the Los Angeles Valiant’s Custa, the Australian team is made up of various players from top Overwatch Contenders Australia teams, like Blank Esports, Sydney Drop Bears, and Dark Sided. Despite making Blizzcon last year, the Thailand qualifiers are a rough road with China and Sweden to deal with on the way.


MrDragonLol-DPS, We Have Org

Stvn-DPS, Fortis

HeroRay-DPS, Esports Ennstal Academy

Wat7-Tank, Birb Bois

Sensotix-Tank, Diving Under the Influence


Minimi-Support, Diving Under the Influence

Austria has finished near the bottom of qualifying the past two years. And with them competing in the USA qualifiers, the same will probably happen again.


Liko-DPS, Brasil Gaming House

Dudu-DPS, Brasil Gaming House

Murizzz-DPS, PaiN Gaming

Stylo-Flex, PaiN Gaming

Honorato-Flex, Brasil Gaming House

Wetter-Flex, Black Dragons Esports

Neil-Tank, Brasil Gaming House

Fastie-Tank, PaiN Gaming

Ole-Support, Black Dragons Esports

Kolero-Support, Brasil Gaming House

Alemao-Support, Brasil Gaming House

Dehzinho-Support, Brasil Gaming House

The majority of Brazil’s team comes from Brasil Gaming House, the dominant South American Overwatch Contenders team. Brazil, however, has the second-lowest SR ranking, after Thailand. Expect them to have a rough time in the USA qualifier.


Agilities-DPS, Los Angeles Valiant

Surefour-DPS, Los Angeles Gladiators

Mangachu-DPS, XL2

Kellar-DPS, GG Esports Academy

Note-Flex, Boston Uprising




Bani-Support, Houston Outlaws

Joemeister-Support, Philadelphia Fusion

Crimzo-Support, Team Envy

Roolf-Support, Gladiators Legion

The runner-up from last year’s World Cup, Canada’s roster has plenty of returning faces, now with plenty of Overwatch League experience. They should be able to make Blizzcon again, as a favorite from the USA qualifier.


KHeart-DPS, Team CC


Krystal-DPS, T1W Esports Club

Shy-DPS, LGD Gaming

Lateyoung-Flex, Team CC

Guxue-Tank, LGD Gaming

Sky-Support, Shanghai Dragons

Yveltal-Support, LinGan Esports

Sky, a support player, is the only Shanghai Dragons member on China’s roster. A move probably for the best. The rest comes from Contenders China teams LGD Gaming, T1w Esports Club, Team CC and LinGan Esports. China has the highest average SR for the second year in a row, beating Korea out by five points. They made it to Blizzcon last year, and hopefully, they can better their result of making it to the last eight.


Fischer-DPS, GG Esports Academy

Nagga-Copenhagen Flames

Shax-DPS, Mayhem Academy


Danii-Flex, Young and Beautiful




Ding-Support, Copenhagen Flames

Kellex-Support, Boston Uprising



The Danish team comes from Contenders teams like Copenhagen Flames, GG Esports Academy, Young and Beautiful, Mayhem Academy, and One.PoinT, along with Kellex from the Boston Uprising. Despite being having the 10thhighest SR, they will probably be a mid-table team at most, since they are in the Thailand qualifiers with China and Sweden.


Taimou-DPS, Dallas Fuel

Linkzr-DPS, Dallas Fuel

Davin-DPS, Team Gigantti

Zappis-Flex, Florida Mayhem

rCk-Flex, Team Gigantti

Fragi-Tank, Philadelphia Fusion

LhCloudy-Tank, Team Gigantti

Shaz-Support, Los Angeles Gladiators

BigGoose-Support, Los Angeles Gladiators

Zuppeh-Support, Florida Mayhem

Ripa-Support, Team Gigantti

Masaa-Support, Team Gigantti

Finland is one of the most stacked teams heading into their qualifiers. Half of the team is the European Contenders Team Gigantti and the rest from five Overwatch League teams. The Finns got put in the South Korea qualifiers, but they should be one of the two teams coming out of that group.


Soon-DPS, Los Angeles Valiant

AKM-DPS, Dallas Fuel

Nico-DPS, Eagle Gaming

Asking-DPS, 6nakes

Poko-Flex, Philadelphia Fusion


BenBest-Tank, Young and Beautiful


Unkoe-Support, Dallas Fuel

Hyp-Support, Eagle Gaming



France is getting the almost Rogue reunion we all want. Five of the former six members, who made up France’s 2017 team, return. The other members come from Contenders Europe teams Eagle Gaming, 6nakes, Young and Beautiful and Poko of the Philadelphia Fusion. France should have an easy time at the France qualifiers, with the only team giving them trouble being the United Kingdom.


Nesh-DPS, British Hurricane




Mete-Flex, Bazooka Puppies

Nexx-Flex, Last Nights Leftovers

Progi-Tank, Mirage Esport Electronique


Immortal-Support, Copenhagen Flames

Kodak-Support, 6nakes



The German team is made up of members from a variety of Contenders teams, like Bazooka Puppies, British Hurricane, 6nakes, Last Nights Leftovers, Copenhagen Flames and Mirage. Germany may at the least put up a fight against the tougher teams and clean up the three weaker ones.

Hong Kong:

Moowe-DPS, Hong Kong Attitude

Mikouw-DPS, Hong Kong Attitude



Jazzy-Tank, LGD Gaming

ManGojai-Support, Hong Kong Attitude


Hong Kong’s team comes from the Contenders teams Hong Kong Attitude and LGD gaming. With South Korea and Finland in their same qualifying group, Hong Kong would be mid-table at best.


Canifex-DPS, Samsung Morning Stars Black


Najiny-DPS, Samsung Morning Stars Blue


Thebigone-DPS, Samsung Morning Stars Blue

Dragoneddy-Flex, Samsung Morning Stars Blue

FighteR-Flex, Samsung Morning Stars Black

Luft-Tank, Samsung Morning Stars Blue

Midna-Tank, We Have Org

Nisa-Support, Samsung Morning Stars Black

Bimbz-Support, Samsung Morning Stars Black


The majority of Italy’s roster comes from the Samsung Morning Stars organization, who have played in minor European tournaments and Contenders Trials. I do not see this Italian team going far; they will probably end up at the bottom of the France qualifiers


Ameken-DPS, Cyclops Athlete Gaming

Dep-DPS, Cyclops Athlete Gaming

Ta1yo-DPS, Cyclops Athlete Gaming

Hoshimi-DPS, Green Leaves

Pocky-Flex, Green Leaves

Kenmohororo-Flex, Cyclops Athlete Gaming


SamuraiD-Tank Cyclops, Athlete Gaming

Claire-Support, Cyclops Athlete Gaming

Yoz-Support, Cyclops Athlete Gaming

Xeraphy-Support, Green Leaves


Japan’s team has a lot of players from Cyclops Athlete Gaming, who experienced mixed success in the Contenders Pacific scene. Japan barely missed out on going to Blizzcon last year, losing to Australia in the Sydney qualifier. In this year’s South Korea qualifier, they have a rougher go at it.


Vizillity-DPS, Toronto Esports

Zino-DPS, Les puissances



Corn-Tank, Koord Narwhals

Brussen-Tank, One.poinT



CrusaDe-Support, British Hurricane

Trispear-Support, Bazooka Puppies

TheWrongName-Support, Project 6


The Netherlands team only started competing at last year’s qualifiers, coming up short in Katowice. Going up against more favored European teams in Paris, I would not be surprised either way if the Dutch get some upsets or if they fall flat entirely.


Track-DPS, Last Nights Leftovers

Onigod-DPS, Angry Titans

Frost- DPS, One.PoinT




Decod-Tank, Last Nights Leftovers



iPN-Support, Angry Titans



Norway has the bad luck of being in the United States qualifier, with the USA and Canadian teams to deal with. They may, however, manage to put up a fight against the other teams in the group.


Dayne-DPS, Copenhagen Flames

Matth-DPS, Young and Beautiful











Only two of Poland’s players are on a professional team roster. That inexperience will likely show in the Paris qualifier.


Shadowburn-DPS, Philadelphia Fusion

Mistakes-DPS, Boston Uprising

Unfixed-DPS, CIS Hope

NLaaeR-DPS, Last Nights Leftovers

Txao-Flex, CIS Hope


Rez-Tank, Beda

Tonic-Tank, Bazooka Puppies

Engh-Support, CIS Hope

MayN-Support, CIS Hope

Bezpalivo-Support, Swagstion

Vlad-Support, VTILTE

Russia has tons of Overwatch League and Contenders experience. But in the South Korea qualifier, they need to rely on their star DPS if they want a chance to repeat their 2016 performance.

South Korea:

Saebyeolbe-DPS, New York Excelsior

Carpe-DPS, Philadelphia Fusion

Libero-DPS, New York Excelsior

Fleta-DPS, Seoul Dynasty

Fissure-Tank, Los Angeles Gladiators

Fury-Flex, London Spitfire

Meko-Flex, New York Excelsior

Fate-Tank, Los Angeles Valiant

Jjonak-Support, New York Excelsior

Kariv-Support, Los Angeles Valiant

Anamo-Support, New York Excelsior

Ark-Support, New York Excelsior

The Korean roster was always going to be stacked, having its pick of the Overwatch League’s best players. Half of the team comes from the New York Excelsior, with the rest coming from the Seoul Dynasty, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire. They are favorites to three-peat, and I would not be surprised if they do.




Vinanrra-Flex, Birb Bois




Neptuno-Support, Philadelphia Fusion

Harryhook-Support, Dallas Fuel

Dhak-Support, San Francisco Shock

Spain has had mixed success in the past, making Blizzcon in 2016 and missing out in 2017. The Spanish appear to be mid-table on paper and need a lot of luck to go their way in Bangkok.


Snillo-DPS, Philadelphia Fusion

TviQ-DPS, Florida Mayhem

Iddqd-DPS, San Francisco Shock

SharP-DPS, GG Esports Academy

Cwoosh-Tank, Florida Mayhem


Nevix-Flex, San Francisco Shock

Manneten-Flex, Florida Mayhem

Zebbosai-Support, Florida Mayhem

Chipshajen-Support, Dallas Fuel

Luddee-Support, Angry Titans


Sweden has players from four Overwatch League teams on its roster. Along with GG Esports and Angry Titans. Their hands will be full in the Thailand qualifier, dealing with the likes of Australia, China and Thailand gunning for them. But I expect the Swedes to make the cut for Blizzcon.


Luux-DPS, Silent Gaming


Aisey-DPS, Servette Geneva Esports

Shinoda-DPS, SPG Esports

Kiba-Flex, Lausanne Esports



Mimi7-Tank, Silent Gaming

Flow-Support, Lausanne Esports

NiV-Support, MYinsanity

R3m1X-Support, Silent Gaming

Sk0rpi0n-Support, Silent Gaming

The Swiss are a complete unknown, missing out on 2016 Blizzcon and not making the qualifying for 2017. They will not get far, but I am sure they will be interesting to watch.


Blue-DPS, Nova Esports

ShaiuLin-DPS, Hong Kong Attitude


ATing-Tank, Hong Kong Attitude

TenTen-Tank, Hong Kong Attitude

OYO-Support, Nova Esports

Craz1S-Support, Nova Esports

Taiwan’s players come from the teams Hong Kong Attitude and Nova Esports. The Taiwanese should be able to hold their own, but they are also the lowest ranked team in their group.


Oputo-DPS, Mega Esports

Patiphan-DPS, Xavier Esports

Yahhang-DPS, Oneshine

Mickie-Flex, Dallas Fuel

Boomburapa-Flex, Lynx TH

SaiyaijinGod-Flex, Xavier Esports

Queen-Tank, Xavier Esports

Teetawat-Tank, Mega Esports

Rocket-Support, Mega Esports

Pannys-Support, Lynx TH

Tae-Support, Xavier Esports

Thitikorn-Support, Xavier Esports

The Thai team, led by Dallas Fuel’s Mickie, is drawn from the Contenders Pacific teams Mega Esports, Xavier Esports and Lynx TH. Thailand has the lowest country average SR of any of the 24 qualified teams, at 3,962. They will probably be a lot of fun to watch, but they got put in a tough group with superior teams to battle against.

United Kingdom:

Kyb-DPS, British Hurricane

MikeyA-DPS, British Hurricane

Ksp-DPS, Bazooka Puppies


Smex-Flex, NRG Esports

Moursi-Flex, Angry Titans

Fusions-Tank, British Hurricane

ChrisTFer-Tank, 6nakes

Boombox-Support, Philadelphia Fusion

FunnyAstro-Support, British Hurricane

Kruise-Support, Toronto Esports


The UK team, aside from Boombox, comes from different European Contenders teams. They come from British Hurricane, Angry Titans, Bazooka Puppies, 6nakes, Toronto Esports and NRG Esports. This team should come in second in the France qualifiers, behind the host country, since their players do not have proven top-tier experience.

United States:

Muma-Tank, Houston Outlaws

Super-Tank, San Francisco Shock

Space-Flex, Los Angeles Valiant

McGravy-Flex, Team Envy

Danteh-DPS, San Francisco Shock

Sinatraa-DPS, San Francisco Shock

Zacharee-DPS, Fusion Academy

Hydration-DPS, Los Angeles Gladiators

Sleepy-Support, San Francisco Shock

Moth-Support, San Francisco Shock

Rawkus-Support, Houston Outlaws

Elk-Support, Fusion Academy

The American roster draws from four Overwatch League teams, mostly the San Francisco Shock, the Fusion University team and Team Envy. They are the top dog in the USA qualifying group, along with Canada, and should come out on top.

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A guy born and raised in Buffalo who loves to write, play video games, watching Arsenal Football Club and watch enjoyably bad movies. I would also like to travel around the world to see what it has to offer. I’m trying to make something new out of my life by writing about video games, mainly Overwatch, which I play too much of, after writing for other websites and newspapers. Tank and support player by trade since everyone wants to play DPS. And desperate to break out of gold-ranking. My other work can be found at www.robcreenan.com. Feel free to reach me at [email protected] or @RobertCreenan on Twitter.
A guy born and raised in Buffalo who loves to write, play video games, watching Arsenal Football Club and watch enjoyably bad movies. I would also like to travel around the world to see what it has to offer. I’m trying to make something new out of my life by writing about video games, mainly Overwatch, which I play too much of, after writing for other websites and newspapers. Tank and support player by trade since everyone wants to play DPS. And desperate to break out of gold-ranking. My other work can be found at www.robcreenan.com. Feel free to reach me at [email protected] or @RobertCreenan on Twitter.


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