It’s no secret the Philadelphia 76ers will be looking to keep Jimmy Butler around for the next five years.

The biggest question for the Sixers entering free-agency is whether the feeling is mutual.

Butler will be a hot-commodity this offseason with several teams likely to make lucrative offers to the 29-year old guard.

But the Sixers will have several advantages when trying to convince Butler to stay. Getting the most money possible and staying with an organization and a city that loves you, seem like legitimate reasons to stay put.

Oh, and being a perennial contender in the Eastern Conference sounds like an important part to the puzzle for the highly competitive Butler.

The 2019 NBA playoffs showed that both parties could benefit from a long-term partnership.

Money, Money, Money

Who wouldn’t want to make as much money as possible if you were a professional athlete?

Butler’s stock has risen dramatically since being acquired by Elton Brand back in November.

His perception as a good teammate improved steadily, while he had a fantastic showing in the playoffs.

This free agency period may be the best time for Butler to make the most money possible. The Sixers will offer Butler and five-year maximum contract for about $188 million.

Other teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks could only offer four-year deals for around $140 million.

Familiarity with Philly

Jimmy Butler has the right attitude to succeed in Philadelphia.

These playoffs were a love affair between Butler and the fans. His passion and effort to win every game was highly apparent and he demanded his teammates play with the same mindset.

It was obvious watching the playoff games, his commitment to winning and being a leader on this team.

“What hurts most about this loss is we had a great group of guys that would ride for one another,” Butler said in his exit interview the day after the Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs.

“You couldn’t mess with anybody on the team because somebody was always going to be there, in your face,” Butler said. “But to think that this roster might not be the exact same next year, that’s what really hurts.”

He sounds like a guy who could survive and thrive in a tough market like Philadelphia.

Butler understands what this fanbase wants out of their star players and he can easily provide it.

Why leave to go play for a dysfunctional Lakers organization who can’t get out of their own way? Playing with a 34-year-old Lebron James doesn’t seem all that appealing.

Run it back, Jimmy.

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