Football is more than just a game for the US sports fan base, and judging from the facts presented below, it is more than most things if you ask them. Starting from the fact that it took away baseball’s spot as America’s favorite pastime, there is no telling how far it intends to go in its popularity. With a game that practically lasts about 10 minutes, yet keeps your nerves on the edge for over three hours at a time, there is evidently more to it than ball movements, and the following list aims to discover some of its hidden features.

  1. Before it was anywhere near professional, the first football game was played in New Jersey, between Rutgers and Princeton in the distant 1869. The rules of the game weren’t much like today’s either, which is why Walter Camp set the ground rules eleven years later, making him the ‘father of football’.
  2. Back when the AFL/NFL merger was supposed to be put in place, authoritative figures on both sides couldn’t agree on a single strategy. That is why the matter was resolved by writing the 5 best plans on pieces of paper and putting them in a vase so Pete Rozelle’s secretary would pick a random one – it may have turned out well enough, but it still isn’t a recommended strategy for the next time you can’t decide on your bet at sports betting sites.
  3. There is more to losing in the previous advice – just take the Arizona Cardinals as an example. They hold the record for the longest postseason draught in the NFL, from 1947 to 1998.
  4. The oldest person to get inducted into the famous NFL Hall of Fame is Ed Sabol, at the age of 94. That makes him 60 years older than the player at the other end of the spectrum – Gale Sayers, inducted at only 34.
  5. There are five NFL teams that don’t have retired numbers, either because they dismiss it as an honor (Dallas and Oakland), or because they lack the history to retire one (Jacksonville, Baltimore, Houston).
  6. Contrary to the previous point, there are teams which fully dedicate themselves to the tradition – with the Chicago Bears holding the most retired numbers in the NFL, 13.
  7. Football’s popularity was officially dominant in US society long before mass media came to the fore – a lengthy Harris Poll saw citizens proclaim it as America’s pastime that instead of baseball back in the distant 1965.
  8. Somewhere in North Carolina, there’s a man holding a tape of the very exact Super Bowl I – his offer to sell it to the NFL for a million dollars backfired, as they only offered him $30,000. Upon rejecting them, the sale was dropped altogether and the NFL threatened to sue in case he sold it elsewhere.
  9. Due to strenuous physical and mental exercises, football players are much more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or Lou Gehrig’s (ALS).
  10. The NFL waterboys, popularized by the movie focusing on a character of the same profession, make $53,000 on average.

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