Tallahassee Regional: Meet the Teams


The Tallahassee Regional maybe the most interesting regional out of all sixteen. The regional brings in two conference championship teams, and two teams that can compete with anyone. This weekend the most competitive baseball will be found in Tallahassee, and it will be all about the offense. You will have guaranteed coverage at Armchair for all sixteen regionals, but first lets preview the teams headed towards Tallahassee. 


#1 Florida State Seminoles


The Noles are making their 41st consecutive regional appearance which is the longest streak in all of college baseball. This ball club has great post-season experience as they made the College World Series last year. A lot of early injuries in 2018 were suppose to set the Noles back, but Mike Martin regrouped winning the ACC Tournament as the 6th seed. The Noles have a lot of advantages heading in towards the Regional as they are looking to win their 10th out of their last 11 regionals.


RPI: 6th

Wins over RPI Top 50 Teams: 21

Strengths: Experienced Post-Season Ball Club, 30-7 record at Dick Howser Stadium, Hot Bats

Weaknesses: Consistent Relief Pitching


#2. Mississippi State


Let us be honest, the overall body of work for Mississippi State wasn’t consistent. But when you sweep the #1 National Seed in Florida and National Seed Arkansas a good placement in the Regionals would happen. Mississippi State is also 9-1 against the top 5 national seeds. The Bulldogs went 15-15 against tough SEC play but lost some games they shouldn’t have. The Bulldogs are so battle tested that coming into the Tallahassee Regional they have played the most games against Top 50 RPI teams.

RPI: 28

Wins over RPI Top 50 Teams: 16

Strengths: Starting Pitchers (Weekend Starters) can compete against anyone, battle tested, and hot bats

Weakness: Bottom part of the batting order


#3. Oklahoma


Traditionally the Big 12 plays elite baseball, but this year it was off some. That does not mean that it doesn’t have teams that can win regionals, because Oklahoma is a dangerous three seed. The only Big 12 team to host a regional this year (Texas Tech), Oklahoma almost took the series against. They also swept the Baylor Bears who are a two seed in the Stanford Regional. The problem with Oklahoma is consistency and managing their pitching correctly.

RPI: 42

Wins over RPI Top 50 Teams: 10

Strengths: Fielding

Weakness: The inability to find runs against top opponents


#4 Samford

The Southern Conference Champions are coming to the Tallahassee Regional outmatched. At least that is what people outside looking in want you to think. In the game of baseball, anything can happen, especially if your pitching is on track. The Southern Conference can put out decent teams every now and then, but they are usually out matched in Regional play. For Samford to have a chance they are going to have to play a lot of small ball, and hope for some breaks. They did steal a couple of midweek games from the SEC.


RPI: 95

Wins over RPI Top 50 Teams: 2

Strengths: Top to Middle part of the batting order is heating up lately.

Weakness: Weak Schedule, and talent separation



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