Steelers the Headless Tomlin Gunner

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Steelers 21 Raiders 24

Unless you were keyed into Warren Zevon in the late ’70s, you might not get the title of this episode (but it’s a great song!). Suffice it to say that we are quickly losing confidence in HC Mike Tomlin.   Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

Yet Another Loss in Oakland – Tomlintaking some serious heat for leaving Dobbs in while Ben was good to go. Chris Boswell0/2 + hits upright on XP.

Is Tomlin on the “Hotseat”? – He won’t get fired this year, but since the JAX playoff game, his standing has gotten worse and worse

Defensive game plans –Is this a matter of talent deficiency or is Keith Butler unable to coach them up?  Certainly we need to address the secondary’s allergy tocatching the football.

Offensive Summary – Only 1 punt with Ben in the game.  Zero run game without Conner.  Samuels is 3rd down back at most

Immediate Future –We have a chance against Patriots; Steelers have OUTPLAYED teams in all 3 losses; Playoffs still alive (but who cares?); Pats / Texans / Ravens all lost.

Beyond 2018 – Monetarily, team is built to WIN NOW; Can we even improve?  Fichtner improved the offense, hopefully someone can do same for the defense.We Told You So –this may sound obnoxious, but we said it from the beginning of the season:

  1. Defense in NO WAY improved over offseason
  2. Dobbs < Landry, will cost you game
  3. Boz will lose you games down stretch

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