STEELERS OUTPOST: #99 – Sacrificing the Terrible Towel

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Unfortunately, Nick got some bad sushi and is on injured reserve for this podcast. Unfortunately, you are in my hands….

We did some work while at the beach last week and put together this video for you to watch. It may be sacrilege to some, but it’s a sacrifice for us.  We think we’ve done our part for campaign for the 2019 Super Bowl.

Bradshaw versus Roethlisberger – although it’s ridiculous to compare eras, Elliot Harrison of the NFL Network tried.  He has Ben at #19 and Terry at #17.

We compared their Super Bowl performances to see who performed when all they chips were on the table.

Is there anyway to level the playing field between the modern era and the 70’s?  Check out the book, The Last Headbangersby Kevin Cook, the let us know what you think about today’s athlete and what they put on the line compared to the ancients.

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