Every NHL game is becoming more meaningful and intense due to the aim of appearing in the playoffs. Two of these teams still fighting for a playoff berth include the New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Broadway Blueshirts are set to take on the Hurricanes on Thursday at PNC Arena at 7 PM EST.

The last game the Rangers played ended in a devastating loss in OT to the Penguins. The Blueshirts have not had good results when going into OT, with both of their Overtime games this month ending in losses.

The Hurricanes have also had bad luck this season when it comes to OT. Four out of their seven losses this month have ended in OT as well.

The Rangers have a pretty good chance of winning, due to two factors.

One being that they are second in the Metropolitan division. With 43 solid wins compared to the Hurricanes’ 33 wins, and one of the best goalies in the league, they’re definitely a force to be messed with.

The second factor has a little less to do with sports and more to do with family.

On February 28th, the Rangers acquired Eric Staal right before the NHL trade deadline. Staal was traded by the Hurricanes for Aleksi Saarela and two second round draft picks. Staal had to part from his brother, Jordan, who plays for the Hurricanes, but gained the opportunity to join another Staal, Marc, by going to New York.

These Staal brothers have a lot of history with the Hurricanes, which will no doubt make this game an interesting one. Eric not only used to play for the Hurricanes, but he was captain of the team and helped them to win the Stanley Cup in 2007 against the Oilers.

This game will mark the first time where Staal will go against his old team and his brother, Jordan.

Staal made both of the goals in the Rangers’ last game, and with a huge family element involved in the next one, you can be sure to expect that again.


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