The Life Champions: Epiosde X

On Thursday's episode of The Life Champions podcast, we congratulated ourselves for providing the same quantifiable impact on the United States' World Cup chances as every single member of the team. We talked a few segments including Clay Travis, Esquire Take of the Week featuring a statement that made trading every single draft pick for Ricky Williams seem like air tight logic. We talked College Football's Week 7 as well as coined the term "Getting Navied" and how the triple option was built in an 1840's lab for the singular purpose of destroying souls, time of possession, and ACLs. And lastly, the Trash Can selections got heated, quite literally, as I vow to burn down KP's house if I happen to lose the Pick 'Em. As always remember, you'll never get the next 60 minutes of your life back. Let's get hairy.

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