The highly anticipated NBA season is so close, yet so far away.

There’s an overwhelming feeling in Philadelphia this could be the year the 76ers can win their first title since 1983.

For now, we must settle for small things like the preseason schedule being announced.

The games that don’t count

The Sixers officially announced their preseason schedule Monday afternoon and one game sticks out more than the rest.

The third of five games before the official start of the season includes a trip to Orlando against Markelle Fultz and the Magic.

The Magic have been quiet about Fultz this offseason, so it’s not a guarantee he will make an appearance.

He has yet to play for the Magic since the team acquired him at the trade deadline last season.

It may not be that game, but Fultz should eventually play against the Sixers once the regular season starts. He may not get a nice home coming when he plays at the Wells Fargo Center.

Another game to highlight is the penultimate game of the preseason against the Detroit Pistons.

It’s always a pleasure to watch Joel Embiid systemically destroy Andre Drummond when the two meet up.

But even more interesting than Fultz and the Embiid vs. Drummond matchup, is if the preseason will give us a chance to see how all new players fit.

Head coach Brett Brown hasn’t spoken to the media since the team was retooled at the start of free agency. It’s unclear how he sees this team operating together, especially in the half-court offense.

There’s still two months before these games even happen so we won’t get any definitive answers anytime soon.

However, it’s never too early to start thinking about the start of a new season especially for what could be for these Sixers.

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