The Philadelphia 76ers don’t have a lot of depth on the roster. Some of that is due to injury while some of it can be attributed to the way the roster was constructed in the off-season.

Outside of Ben Simmons, TJ McConnell and JJ Redick the Sixers don’t have much to work with. It needs to find a way to survive until than.

Anderson and Fultz updates

Justin Anderson returned to action Dec. 28 at the Portland Trial Blazers. He had been out since November 15 because of shin splints.

He isn’t going to make a big difference on the scoreboard, but he brings a toughness this team seems to lack at certain times in the game.

Also, let’s not forget about the first pick in 2017 draft.

Markelle Fultz should hopefully be back soon and will help this offense. I have talked before about his ability to create his own shot, which is perhaps the biggest weaknesses on this Sixers roster.

We can’t expect to get any update on Fultz from the team nor should we trust them to tell us the entire truth about the situation.

But it appears he is very close to rejoining this team, and at the right time as the Sixers look to get back into the playoff hunt.


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