The SEC is widely regarded as the summit of college football. Usually, the conference can hang its hat on being the best football conference in football – Paul Finebaum wrote a book titled My Conference Can Beat Your Conference.

In 2017, however, the SEC’s strangle hold on the top of the College Football pecking order has dwindled massively. However, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia are at their places among the best in the nation.

2017’s Rivalry Week was amazing, but saw some awful injures. The Power Rankings will take into account injuries. So, what does the SEC’s pecking order look like with the regular season finished?

1) Auburn

The Gus Bus finally fixed that pesky transmission and is speeding along again, guys. In the past three weeks, they defeated a team ranked #1 on their way to claiming their first SEC West title since 2013. Auburn has an argument for being the best team in the country, but Clemson has a bone to pick about that – they beat Auburn.

2) Georgia

Georgia ran rampant through their schedule in 2017, except for Auburn. Auburn did unspeakable things to Georgia when they met a few weeks ago. Still, Georgia is 11-1 and playing in the SEC Championship game. Also, they have a better win than Alabama does – Notre Dame.

3) Alabama

Barring complete chaos, Alabama will only have 1 of the previous 5 national championships. I’m not here to call the Saban Dynasty dead – it’s not. Alabama has only lost more than one game twice since 2011. They’re 39-3 in the last three years! Only Clemson can match that, which is my point – other teams have just upped their game.

4) LSU

Kudos to Ed Orgeron – he saved LSU’s season from disaster. After being embarrassed by Mississippi State and losing to Troy, he led them to an upset over Auburn. Maybe he isn’t quite as bad as I thought, oh what am I kidding – he is. Y’all remember 2007? Anyways, LSU is simply more talented than the teams below them.

5) Mississippi State

Dan Mullen is gone. Nick Fitzgerald is injured. They lost the Egg Bowl. How are they still in the top-5? Simple, they turned the ball over 5 times in the Egg Bowl and still only lost by three with a backup quarterback. That’s damn impressive. Also, MSU has the most talented roster they’ve ever had, and they were ranked number 1 in 2014!

6) Missouri

I considered putting Missouri at 5 because they have won six games in a row after starting 1-5. However, they have yet to beat an opponent with a winning record.

7) South Carolina

South Carolina got mauled, again, by Clemson Saturday night. However, Will Muschamp led them to second in the lowly SEC East in 2017, which is truly remarkable. Now, he needs to recruit to improve the talent at his disposal.

8) Ole Miss

Matt Luke did a remarkable job in Oxford. He kept them respectable and competing when no one would have blamed them for quitting. He also won the Egg Bowl. Oh, they have these guys named A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Demarkus Lodge, and Shea Patterson on offense. Pew,Pew,Pew.

9) Texas A&M

Yes, yes Texas A&M beat Ole Miss. However, Ole Miss lost their Right Tackle in the game and their replacement quarterback appeared lost after finally taking his first monster hit. Still, if you want to argue A&M is above Ole Miss, I won’t argue – there is not much separating the two teams; they could play 10 times, and we would probably get both teams winning 5.

10) Florida

Florida hired Dan Mullen. The Gators also lost 7 games in 2017, so how are they above Kentucky? Easy, even at one of their historical lows, Florida still beat Kentucky. Florida’s win streak over Kentucky dates back to, like, Vietnam. “Back in Nam, Kentucky once beat Florida.” (I’m being sarcastic, don’t kill be Big Blue Nation, please.)

11) Kentucky

Oh, Kentucky, you almost had it! Kentucky almost won 8 games in 2017. If only they had not lost to Ole Miss, or blown the Florida game. Anyways, they-re 7-5 and coming off a reality check at the hands of Lamar Jackson and Louisville.

12) Arkansas

Arkansas won one conference game in 2017. Anyways, they’re better than Vanderbilt and Tennessee, so here they lie.

13) Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt won another game over Tennessee, which was their second consecutive victory over Tennessee.  With their win, Vanderbilt avoided going winless in conference play. Random tidbit of information: Vanderbilt has gone winless in SEC play six times since 1996. SIX!

14) Tennessee

Let us get the weekly “LOL TENNESSEE WHAT ARE YOU DOING” AND “OH MY GOD, THAT IS THE MOST TENNESSEE THING EVER” comments out of the way now. Tennessee went 0-8 in SEC play with another loss to Vanderbilt – the fourth in six years and second consecutive.

According to my research, the last time Tennessee didn’t win a conference game was 1943. They did not have a team in 1943 due to this little thing called World War 2. Before the, they did not win a conference game in 1924 when they went 3-5 (0-4) in the Southern Conference. Oh, from 1983 to 2011, Vanderbilt only beat Tennessee once. They’ve beaten them four times since then. I repeat, “LOL TENNESSEE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

And, let’s not even discuss the Greg Schiano situation. I don’t know what Tennessee is drinking/smoking, but i’m going to need them to never stop under any circumstances, like, ever.

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Feel free to hit me up with your hot takes or argue about mine. Javier Baez and Bryce Harper both being on the Cubs would be great for Major League Baseball. Real Madrid are the greatest of all time. Softball is an underrated sport.
Content Creator at Armchair Ole Miss , The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
Feel free to hit me up with your hot takes or argue about mine. Javier Baez and Bryce Harper both being on the Cubs would be great for Major League Baseball. Real Madrid are the greatest of all time. Softball is an underrated sport.


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