It has been a rumored for almost a month now that the Red Sox were going to acquire Todd Frazier, and this week, those rumors picked up some steam.

Frazier’s Last Game With Chicago?

All signs seemed to be pointing to the Red Sox acquiring the third baseman from the Chicago White Sox, and even looked like a deal had been in place. Then, last night, Frazier was a healthy scratch from the White Sox lineup and was seen embracing teammates.

New York?

Until recently, the Red Sox were seen as the only team in discussions with the White Sox, so it certainly looked like Frazier was headed to Boston. Then, the New York Yankees appeared interested.

This is a shocker because there has been no talk of the Yankees getting Frazier. On top of that, just about everyone thought it was a done deal he was going to the Red Sox. Now, that isn’t even a possibility.

If this was the NBA, this wouldn’t come as a shock at all, but you usually don’t see this with baseball that often.

Other Options

If the Red Sox are really out on Frazier, they must make a move for someone else. There have been rumors that they could acquire former Red Sox player Jed Lowrie who is hitting .269 this season, but they probably wish they never traded Travis Shaw, who is currently batting .293 with 20 home runs and 66 RBI.

Travis showed brilliance with the Sox early on last season before falling off the map, but is currently performing much better.

With Pablo Sandoval gone, the defense at third base has been good, but the problem has been offense. The Red Sox are in desperate need of someone who can play third base and hit the ball well.

Hopefully, they can figure out something, but as of now, they are out on Todd Frazier. Some people may be relieved because Frazier is only hitting in the low .200’s this season, but he could thrive with that Green Monster in left.

For now, Red Sox fans just have to keep on waiting and pray the Red Sox make a move to better the team.

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