With baseball almost upon us many fans are likely pondering how they’re team will fair this season. Predictions are an essential part of fans experiences with the game. Who will win the Cy Young? Will my team get to the postseason? Will my manager trade our best up and coming player to the Atlanta Braves for a pitcher with 17 loses? See 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks off season.

The San Francisco Giants are one team that could have a few surprises in the 2017 season. With a disappointing 2016 season that didn’t end in them winning a World Series, in an even year no less, the Giants will be looking to be bolder this year. Predicting the Giants season could prove tricky given the team hasn’t truly started spring training. Most of all the Giants will likely have a roster composed mainly of the same starters they had last year, with minor changes. Even with the lack of information, predicting the Giants season shouldn’t prove to difficult. Here are a selection of predictions from most likely to the more outlandish ones.

Most Likely to Happen

Mark Melancon will do his job:

With the inclusion of Mark Melancon this off season, the Giants shore up one of their major problems, their closer. The Giants in the 2016 had a bullpen and closer that could not get the job done. The Giants bullpen had 30 total blown saves last year with former closer Santiago Casilla amounting to a league leading 9 of them. Melancon represents the absolute need for a better closer and that’s exactly what they got. In the last 4 years Melancon has pitched 70+ innings and his ERA has be 2.23 or lower in that time. With this signing the Giants will be looking for the much need improvement in their bullpen.

The Giants only true competition in the division will be the Los Angeles Dodgers:

The NL West is not competitive. That’s not to say that the Giants don’t have a tough time against all their divisional rivals. However in the last 3 years the Giants only main concern have been the hyper competitive Dodgers. The Giants and the Dodgers have truly been the only two contenders in the NL West in that time. The Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres and Diamondbacks haven’t quite gotten to any point to even call it a three horse race. The division this year will likely only be the Giants and Dodgers battling it out.

Johnny Cueto and Madison Bumgarner will be studs:

2016 will be no fluke year for both Bumgarner and Cueto. The #1 and #2 spots in the Giants rotation were lights out for a majority of the season, likely keeping the Giants in any race during their disastrous second half. Cueto was incredible in the fist half, going 13-1 before the break. Bumgarner also appears to only be getting better. Cueto and Bumgarner both finished in the top 6 of CY Young voting and I predict that one of them will likely climb even higher this season.

On the fence/ could go either way

The Bullpen will be just so so:

The Giants bullpen was a sore thumb last year. After losing Jeremy Affledt to retirement, the Giants lost the stability of having one of their core four. The Bullpen filled up with some new and young players itching to make their mark. Sadly the Giants bullpen did not end up this way, and could likely stay the same. The young arms might still not have the experience to anchor a bullpen down. After losing the last 3 of their core four relievers. Derek Law, Josh Osich and Cory Gearrin will likely be called upon a lot next season and time will tell if their ready. Luckily the Giants did sign closer Mark Melancon this off season. Melancon could provide the push to make the bullpen stronger with some experienced new leadership.

The Giants will take the division:

The Giants last year lost the division to the Dodgers after having a sizable lead on them in the first half of the season.  Can the Giants still take the division this year? Yea it could happen. They have a similar team. The Dodgers have roughly the same team as last year. What really depends on this outcome is the bullpen holding up. The bullpen was the crutch of many issues last year and blowing 30 saves wont help run for the division either. If the bullpen is fixed then yes the Giants have a shot. If the bullpen is still to young and inexperienced then no. It wont happen.

Outlandish Predictions (Ye be Warned, Monsters dwell here)

Giants win 95 games:

The Giants won 87 games last year. Naturally this year with a little bit of elbow grease and some gumption, the Giants could easily take the division and with 95 wins. Last season alone the Giants were on pace for this. The Giants were 57-33 at the all star break with 72 games left of the season. If they pick up the pace like last years first half then Giants fans could be in for some good baseball.

2017 World Series Winners:

Even Year B^(($#!+ is dead. Long live odd year B^(($#!+. The Chicago Cubs killed the Giants postseason and stole their mojo for even year runs. this won’t stop the Giants and Bruce Bochy from performing another voodoo ritual and making a ridiculous run at the prize.

Matt Cain doesn’t get hurt again:

This prediction is even too ridiculous for me too agree with.

Look for the Giants and these bold predictions this 2017 season. If you have any of your own predictions on the Giants upcoming season, leave them in the comments below.

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