Ricardo Allen



    Team: Atlanta Falcons

    Position: Safety

    Number: 37

    Experience: 3rd season 

    Height/Weight: 5’9″/186 lbs

    College: Purdue 

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    NFL Week 3 : The Bills aren’t who we thought they were?

    Rob Paul and AJ Marchese tackle all the big questions from Week 3 in the NFL such as, what’s up with the Vikings? Is Rodgers too hurt to carry the Pack? Can the Chiefs and Rams be stopped? And they finish the show by putting their money where their mouths are and picking the Week 4 matchup's.

    Bird Watching Journal: Eagles limp into NFL’s opening game

    The Eagles will be without some key starters for the their season opener with the Falcons. Matt Martellucci discusses what the deciding factors will be for Philadelphia on Thursday Night.

    NFC East Divisional Preview

    This week in division previews we go from the Big Apple to the Big D it’s the NFC East! How good does Saquon make the Giants? Can the Cowboys passing attack do enough to get them to the playoffs? Are the Eagles still Super Bowl worthy? Was trading for Alex Smith the right move for Washington? We hit all this and more!

    How the Eagles matchup against their potential NFC South opponents

    With the number one seed locked up, the Eagles will potentially face three opponents, all from the NFC South, in the Divisional Round.

    Pending Free Agents on the Falcons roster

    The other day we fantasized about players in free agency that the Falcons could target....

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