Kyler Murray


    Kyler Murray


    Name: Kyler Murray

    Team: Oklahoma Sooners

    Position: Quarterback

    Number: 1

    Class: RS Sophomore

    Height/Weight: 5’10/192

    HIGH SCHOOL (HOMETOWN): Allen High School (Allen, Texas) 



    The Armchair Scout: Post-combine 2019 NFL Draft Big Board 3.0 and position rankings

    The 2019 NFL Scouting Combine sent the Armchair Scout back to the tape for an updated top 200 Big Board and top 20 position rankings with pro comparisons.

    How to shoot yourself in the foot: union style

    The MLB union just found a way to ensure owners have even more control at the expense of baseball's future players in the minor leagues.

    2019 NFL Draft EDGE Rankings and AFC East Draft Preview

    After the jaw-dropping trade Giants GM Dave Gettleman made, Rob Paul and AJ Marchese debate whether NFL GMs overvalue draft picks. Next they breakdown what they saw at Kyler Murray's Pro Day. Then they dive into their top 10 edge rusher rankings and discuss the class as a whole. Finally, they begin their NFL Draft division previews with the AFC East.

    Take the Crown

    Trying to get through the end of winter, the guys still find some things to be happy about in their best and worst of the week (0:30). Then the guys are excited about a new job opening up with ESPN (22:11). Is the NFL Combine blown out of proportion (32:56)? How did the world’s #1 bridge player get into trouble (37:03)? Why are the Oscars moving the goalposts (41:01)? And is comedy dying due to political correctness (46:38)? All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you, use offer code JPP to add 50% your initial investment, and, a ticket provider for sports, music, shows, and more. Enter Armchair at checkout for 5% off your your ticket price.

    Post-NFL Combine 2019 Mock Draft

    With the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine all wrapped up, Rob Paul and AJ Marchese dive into an on podcast mock draft. Do they believe the Kyler #1 hype? Who takes Haskins? How many D-linemen could possibly go in the first? Which QB will be way overdrafted? Tune in and find out! 



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