JuJu Smith-Schuster

    JuJu Smith Head


    NAME: JuJu Smith-Schuster

    TEAM:  USC Trojans


    NUMBER: 9

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’2″/ 220 pounds

    HIGH SCHOOL (HOMETOWN): Poly (Long Beach, CA)



    Fantasy Football Impact of the Antonio Brown Trade

    How did Antonio Brown being sent to the Raiders impact players' fantasy outlooks? We take a look at some key players that will be affected.

    Antonio Brown’s Mic Drop

    AB got his way. Unless something flukey happens between today (March 10) and March 13 at 4:00 pm when NFL trades can become official, he will once again be the highest paid wide receiver in the game. He will purportedly receive a new contract worth $50.125 million over the next three seasons. Of that amount $30.125 million will be guaranteed. In more positive news: Pouncey’s contract extension Ramon “The Big Ragu” Foster re-signs, Finney gets 2nd round tender Unfortunately, we say a fond farewell, to one of the solid offensive line veterans. Gilbert traded to the Cardinals for 6th round pick

    What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal?

    Antonio Brown has been in existential crisis since at least last summer, starting with his complaint that he hasn’t been allowed to express himself. He held aTwitter Q&A February 16. Unless you are AB’s therapist, you’ll need a cryptographer to figure out what he said, but we try to decipher it. There may be a lot of good DBs on the market especially veteran safeties available in free agency. We take a look at some potential targets for the Steelers in this episode. Finally: Are the Browns the team to beat in the AFC North?

    What do the Steelers, AAF, NFL, Supreme Court and Congress Have in Common?

    The Kardashians were relatively quiet this week, although we have some updates to talk about. 1. Steelers 2019 Opponents Announced 2. Steelers Put Final Touches on the Coaching Picture 3. Steelers Permeate the New American Alliance of Football 4. How Long Would a 2021 NFL Lockout Last? 5. The First Player to Fight the NFL in Court and Win 6. How Did the 2018 Draftees Do Against Our Predictions?

    Can We Keep This Team Intact?

    The Steelers keep giving us red meat to talk about, even as the we stare seven months until the next game in the face. In this episode, we talk about: Pro Bowl JuJu’s injury Our concept of a Pro Bowl weekend that will preserve athlete's bodies for REAL football while sating the competitive thirst of football fans AR II’s most recent comments Imminent re-signing of Ben Re-signing the entire offensive line AB’s Jerry Rice fetish and the Antonio Brown brand How much fault do we pin on Ben? Super Bowl preview



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